From A2 Hosting:

Our preliminary investigation has determined that during the early hours on Monday the 22nd, our Windows platform was the victim of a malware attack. Once we detected the presence of malware, in order to prevent further spread, we shut down the entire Windows fleet and began our mitigation. To protect client data, our fleet has remained offline while we conducted our investigation.

Based on our initial investigation, we have no reason to believe that personal information or data was downloaded due to this malware. It is important to note that A2's Billing systems and internal infrastructure were not compromised in any way. This attack only targeted our Windows platform.

Our Engineering team determined that the safest course of action is to restore all servers from backup. This will ensure that no malware remains on any A2 systems. Around the clock work has resulted in several affected websites and servers coming back online. We are optimistic that at the current pace, the majority of the impacted services will be back online before the weekend. Individual servers will be listed on our status page as they become fully available again.

We are not taking this issue lightly. While our current main focus is to restore services, a thorough investigation will be performed and a more detailed report released later once our investigation is complete and services are back online.

Your continued patience and support is greatly appreciated.

I can't find fault with them. They detected the problem, and did what they had to do to protect us. They did the right thing.

Onward and upward,