Originally posted by D308cat:
I will not be disarmed while I am breathing, I will fight, SEMPER FI
Yes Brother I believe that you will fight, but the question is how will you fight. Will you do whatever is necessary or will you refuse to do certain things because you believe that it is something that is unworthy of the Militia.

I believe that you will do what is right and will Fight to Win regardless of what that entails.

I have read too many posts where a Member is unwilling to take certain action due to his moral beliefs.

I have suggested isolating the Cities by cutting off the Food Supply and shutting off the Electric Power and some people reply and infer that I am a monster because of all the Poor Sheep that would go hungry and be inconvenienced.

Some of these members have even stated that the Militia are Sheep Dogs are we must product the stupid Sheep.

I consider that to be total crap.

If there is a War, it is the the Brain Dead Liberals who are the cause and I don't give a Rats Rear what happens to them. They have made their beds and now they will have to lie in them.

Here is the Truth if you and other Patriots fight and do it the right way and there are enough fighters we will WIN. And I hope you will fight as a True Warrior and a True Warrior fights War as a total War.

VINCE AUT MORIRE (Conquer or Die)