Sniper,You know , I am a 53 yr old grandfather and father of 3 Adult girls, none live anywhere near me. I am independant, self employed,and somewhat self sufficiant. If I need something I pay cash or I make it myself,tools, Gunparts,cast my own hunting bullets ex.,currently produce close to 1/3 of my own food,1/2 my own power, Strong as an OX, can run short distances(Sprints)not miles anymore, My lifestyle is who I am and the very lifestyle the Government Hates and is trying to crush. I also take care of my wife who has brain damage but is functioning very well these days, but under Obama they have stripped her of her SSI and medical because they say I have to much, Hmmm ! And get this, all the taxes that I pay go to where ? you guessed it SSI(chuckling),A life of hard work has taken a tole on my body (Kind of busted up)But if I can see my target I can hit it, out to a good piece to.Got God,beans/bullets/bandages/gear and the Spirit of a Free Man, and when crossed, a Marine fighting Man. Ya I'll fight, for what ever its worth,as for the rest, we will just have to see how things play out,probably all be supprized at what we will do when the chips fall.God help us, SEMPER FI

PSALM 144:01 Blessed be the LORD my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle---