As I have stated before we need to demonstrate and convince the Liberal scum that if they attempt to take our weapons we will fight and when we fight a lot of Liberals will die and they will LOSE.

The best way to convince them is to have large coordinated armed demonstrations in every city of every state or as many cities as we are able to.

The reason the demonstrations need to be at the local level instead of one much larger demonstration in DC is due to several facts.

If a demonstration is in DC it is too easy for the News Media to hide the truth, as they attempted with the Tea Party Demonstration which was the largest in history but that was not what the News Media told the American People.

For most of the People DC is too far away and is not something they think about that much.

People care a lot more about what happens next door then what happens hundreds or thousands of miles away.

A large number of Armed Patriots demonstrating in front of the City or Town Hall or even marching down the street in front of the homes of the Liberals is a lot different then a Demonstration in DC.

This is just the way people are. People don't worry or are concerned about a Murder, a Riot or a Demonstration a thousand miles away but let that Murder, Riot or Demonstration be in their own neighborhood or City and the People will be very Worried, and Concerned.

The people who want to take our Guns only want a Gun Ban because they believe that Gun Owners will just give them up and it will not cost the Gun Banners anything.

They Believe it will not lower the value of their Homes or cause them to lose them.

They Believe it will not cost them their Jobs.

They Believe it will not cost them any Money at all.

They Believe it will not cost them the lost of any of their pleasures.

They Believe it will not endanger their lives or lives of their loved ones.

They Believe it will not have a negative affect on their lifestyles or any part of their lives.

The people who support Gun Control need to be made to understand that Gun Owners will not surrender their Arms, not without a fight and this fight we become a Civil War, and this Civil War will have a major negative affect on the lives of the ones who wanted to take our guns.

They need to understand that American may turn into another Yugoslavia with people lying dead in the streets.

The Value of their Homes will most likely decrease or their homes may be destroyed.

A lot of Liberals will lose their Jobs and will not be able to get a new one.

The Bank their money is in may crash.

The War may cause the entire Economy to Crash and there will be the greatest Depression in History.

They need to understand that a Civil War means fighting in the streets and some of the fighting may be in front of their homes.

Just going to work may get them wounded of killed if they happen to drive or walk into the middle of a battle.

Their children may be injured or killed if their School Bus drives through an area where there is a battle between the Government and Patriot Freedom Fighters.

There is going to be a lot of Collateral Damage.

They need to fully understand that their happy Liberal lives may turn into a Living Hell where everything they love or like will be taken from them because they forced us into a war to defend our 2nd amendment rights.

They will only have themselves to blame.

I believe that if the people who want to take our guns fully understand what may or will happen to them if a Gun Ban is enacted will no longer want a Gun Ban.

Patriots do not want a shooting War and I believe Liberals do not want a shooting War, but unlike Patriots who are willing to fight and give their lives to preserve their Freedom, Liberals will not be willing to risk their lives or their money just to take our Freedom from us.

VINCE AUT MORIRE (Conquer or Die)