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Lets not let LE raid our house! Its time to stand up and put an end this BS. If they come into my house its game on. They arent there for your best interest. There has to be a very high price to pay to stop these violation's of our constitutional rights.
Thats their favorite play, to attack individuals and let the media portray them as nutcase scum of society. We need to be ready to take that away from them and put them on the defense.
I've said it before, we're not going to be able to assemble at the rally point and have a battle on the front lines. There will be thousands of individual battles that take place all over our nation, unfortunately we will probably all be on our own when that happens. Prepare mentally NOW for what you will do when its your turn.
When the War starts we need to be smart and stop thinking small and start thinking of maximizing our individual effectiveness.

We need to get the most bang for the buck. We need to cause the most harm to the enemy for every Patriot who dies.

It will not be good enough for a Patriot to trade his life for the life of one enemy soldier, what is needed is for each Patriot who dies to take a large number of the enemy with him or cause the greatest harm to the Enemy's War Machine.

If you were in command of a B17 and you could chose to drop your bomb load on 1,000 German Troops or on the only Factory Making ME109 Fighters which target would you take out.

I would take out the Factory.

If you are a Patriot and you can either kill 100 enemy soldiers or destroy a large electric generating plant, major bridge etc which would have the greatest impact on the ability of the enemy to wage War. The generating plant or major bridge would be the two most important targets and should be the ones taken out.

If a Patriot is alone and he knows he will die fighting for Freedom he should do his best to make the enemy pay the greatest price for his life. He should make the enemy pay big time for his life.

I have said this before and this is not something I thought of on my own.

Shortly after 9/11 some “expert” stated on one of the News Shows that America was lucky that the Terrorists only destroyed the Twin Towers, since it could have been a lot worse.

This “expert” stated that there are six Power Grid Substations and if these Substations had been destroyed by the Terrorists instead of the Twin Towers it would have blacked out the entire North East of the United States and the Black Out would have lasted for months even for longer then six months.

It seems that there are only five backup replacement Transformers in the entire United States and these Transformers are made to order in Germany so it would take months to replace them.

And since these Transformers are made out of relatively thin Aluminum it would be easy to destroy them using only a normal rifle.

So six Muslim Terrorists armed only with normal civilian rifles would have been able to black out the entire North East and that would have done a lot more harm to the United States then just destroying those two buildings.

And what those Muslim Terrorists failed to do Patriot Freedom Fighters can do and maybe should do if we are forced into a War to protect our Freedom.

It has been said that during World War Two the Swiss told the Germans that if Switzerland was attacked the Swiss would destroy everything, Factories, Farms, Livestock, everything as they retreated from the Germans, so even if the Germans defeated the Swiss they wouldn't have gained anything of value.

In other words if I can't have it neither can you or I would rather destroy it then give it to you.

Like losing your house to the bank and burning it just so the bank won't get it.

We must not go quietly into the night and we must do the best we can to make the enemy wish they had never started this War.

So even if we end up losing our Freedoms we have the Power to make sure that the Enemy Scum also lose everything they value. We will both lose and the United States as a Super Power will be History and that is far better then the Liberals winning. And we will die as Patriots.

As for me I am fucked, I am already disarmed, I had to sell all my firearms due to a death in the Family and I will not have enough money to acquire a replacement rifle until maybe next summer and that will be too late, and even if I do manage to get one I am now getting too old and I am no longer in good enough condition to be able to fight in a War.

So the only way I can do something is to do as I am doing and post what I hope will be of some use to my Brother Patriots.

VINCE AUT MORIRE (Conquer or Die)