The Red Chinese have, no joke, chimed in on "demands" that the US general public disarm.

Folks, this is the prelude to game the fuck on. You really need to be thinking mobility, fortified positions, diplomatic demands. I'll tell you straight up, I have no intention of defending unfriendly territory.

What I am not willing to do is commit to talking about infrastructure attacks. Exactly the argument against "patriot unity" when someone who may have actually been around for a while steps up and does something out of turn that makes the rest of us look bad. One thing when someone is telling lies against the Hutaree, another when someone expects the rest of us to go along with an infrastructure attack that would rile up the hatred of populations that are only nominally against us.

Absolutely NO-GO on any power grid attacks or anything that would damage public sympathies. If anything, withdraw, relocate and consolidate in the politically friendly safe zones and defend those before even thinking about attacking outside of the safe zones.

Now I fully understand the old cold war era plan that if this country is to be overthrown from within and transform into a communistic police state, then the winners are only to inherit chaos and ashes, but we also have to not launch this thing prematurely or in a way that would damage our own reputations among those who know the truth, are refusing to wake up, and would quite possibly wake up on the other side and finish this thing off against us in fast forward.

I think the autonomous zone micronation thing can work, especially if it is well defended, but that means straight up mobilization on a scale that is even greater than what would be done in a widespread terror campaign because it means a commitment to peaceful construction and political organization within the autonomous zones, not a quick and dirty slugfest to determine a chain of command and then widespread killfest to punish the nation for having made some bad voting choices.

Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

Trump: not the president America needs, but the president America deserves.