What I am not willing to do is commit to talking about infrastructure attacks. Exactly the argument against "patriot unity" when someone who may have actually been around for a while steps up and does something out of turn that makes the rest of us look bad. One thing when someone is telling lies against the Hutaree, another when someone expects the rest of us to go along with an infrastructure attack that would rile up the hatred of populations that are only nominally against us.

Absolutely NO-GO on any power grid attacks or anything that would damage public sympathies. If anything, withdraw, relocate and consolidate in the politically friendly safe zones and defend those before even thinking about attacking outside of the safe zones.
I have been up a little longer then I wanted to but I will add some more and attempt to clarify what I stated about making the enemy pay big time for each of our deaths.

Another thing on a personal level I am not very happy right now since I believe that I may be dead before I get to Arizona and I will not even be able to put up a proper defense. I wanted to do my ancestors proud and die with my rifle in my hand but now the best I will be able to do if I am attacked is to go out fighting with my Knife in my hand, I guess it is better then nothing and maybe the scum will leave me alone since I am not worth the effort to take me out anymore.

I didn't mention that it is the infrastructure of the Liberal Infested Cities that should be attacked and I meant that it was something that should be done by Patriots who do not have a group or anyone to back them up so that the loss of their life will not be in vain and also if you know that there are not enough Freedom Fighters to be able to win. If you know you are going to lose regardless of what the Militia does then it makes sense to take as many of the enemy with you as possible.

Now if there is a group then you don't want to destroy any part of the Power Grid.

As I have stated before what should be done is to take control of the Local Power Grid that serves a particular City. If you can control the Power and can turn it off and turn it back on when you want to you now have control of the City. The same applies to cutting off the Food Supply to the City.

This should not be a strange idea to anyone since cutting off the food supply or water to a City is something that has been done in Warfare for a very long time.

Now as to turning the people against us well that works both ways, it also can turn the people in the City against those who are in Control of the City since the People will expect the Government to give them Food and if the Government can not do this then the People of the City will riot and demand that they be given Food or what ever else that has been shut off.

If the Militia can Shut off the Food and we tell the People that we will give them Food if they surrender the City to us they will eventually surrender the City when they get hungry enough.

The same applies to the Water Supply and the Electric, if the people are desperate enough they will give us what we want.

We need to understand one thing and that is the majority of the residents of a City who want Gun Control don't want it bad enough to starve to death or go without water or to be inconvenienced in any way. If a Gun Ban causes the Liberal Sheep any discomfort their support for it will evaporate quickly.

Most Liberals are by nature self centered and only really care about themselves and those they love and things that give them pleasure, they do not have the willingness to sacrifice anything they care about for any cause like Getting Rid of Guns.

All we need to do is cause them to lose money or make their lives less pleasant and they will rethink their support of Gun Control.

They will not give up any of their pleasures or give up any of their money just to take our guns from us.

To win the War we need to Fu*k up their Liberal lives just enough for them to wish they had not started it and then they will stop supporting it and when that happens the government will no longer be able to continue the War. It may take a while but the War will end as did Vietnam.

VINCE AUT MORIRE (Conquer or Die)