What I am not willing to do is commit to talking about infrastructure attacks. Exactly the argument against "patriot unity" when someone who may have actually been around for a while steps up and does something out of turn that makes the rest of us look bad. One thing when someone is telling lies against the Hutaree, another when someone expects the rest of us to go along with an infrastructure attack that would rile up the hatred of populations that are only nominally against us.

Absolutely NO-GO on any power grid attacks or anything that would damage public sympathies. If anything, withdraw, relocate and consolidate in the politically friendly safe zones and defend those before even thinking about attacking outside of the safe zones.
Everyone needs to think rather that just react.

Do you know why many Southern people, after 150 years, still hate and despise the US government???

It's not because we're "sore losers" who "refuse to get over" the fact that we lost.

It is precisely for the reason Breacher is talking about.

1863 the war was not going well for the federal government; so lincoln decided to use a new strategy. He knew the South would not surrender, so they settled on a scorched earth policy that was intended to destroy the infrastructure, particularly our ability to produce food. One year after the war ended, entire areas of the South were on the verge of starvation because everything had been destroyed by the occupation forces.

And that's why we still say "Forget, like hell".

During any civil war, only a small percent will actually stand and fight the oppressor. A few more will covertly support the resistance efforts. The vast majority will stand back, hoping it doesn't effect them. They will go along just to get along.

But, if the resistance attacks their comfort zone, makes them feel pain...the uncommitted will suddenly turn on the freedom fighters and support the ones who want to enslave us all. They will give the tyrant the support he needs to win the war.

ANY attack on infrastructure must reduce the enemy's ability to resist...NOT cause damage to the non combatants ability to survive...otherwise the civilian population WILL actively support the criminal regime.

"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come and that soon, and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." Gen. T.J. Jackson, March 1861