It's not time to push the panic button but yet. However, should the government attempt to disarm us piecemeal, it would behoove us to make sure that we tell our story such that we make such inevitable resisters out there are martyrs rather than be sold as crazy kooks by the media. Let's be ready with a narrative for the first man or woman who resists turning in their AR-15 and kills a federal agent after they do a no-knock warrant. Frankly, we need to be seen as patriots and not kooks.

Some of you talk so tough, ready to leave family, friends, the comforts of hearth and home to live in the field. It's fantasy at this point. Yet, I would too if the circumstances were right, but there are no barbarians at the gate.

Really though, we can put up with Obama and his minions for four more years if all he does is make a passing swipe at the 2nd Amendment. That's all the political power he has to do at this point. Alan Gura and his bevy of academics did more in a few short years than decades of NRA efforts.

Frankly, Obama is far more dangerous in the way he is bankrupting the country. We're more likely to experience a fiscal crisis due to his overspending than we are to be disarmed. We will have our guns, but our children will grow up in a crapsack nation, not unlike what Argentina is going through. I recommend the blog Surviving Argentina if you don't already know about it. This is where we are headed, not the jack booted thugs kicking in our doors.

We live in a Republic, and peaceful full scale "revolutions" have happened in our past. For example, in 1800, the Federalists were swept from power and destroyed as a party. Like it or not, in 1932 FDR ushered in a new era. Essentially, through his efforts, despite having the same Constitution, the same words on the same paper, it was given new meaning by his laws and his Supreme Court. Hell, in most of our lifetimes, we almost had a revolution. When Reagan came to the the executive office, he changed the course of the country. We went from liberal and progressive governance of a New Deal Coalition to a New Right Era, and a single shot wasn't fired.

If the knock on the door comes and they are coming for my guns, I'll be locked and loaded. I'd rather die than be disarmed. But our efforts will be better spent making sure that conservatives gain control of the Senate in 2014, and that they gain more seats in the House.

Look, Obama won twice by convincing a bunch of ignorant people that Bush was at fault for the 2008 crash, and that Uncle Sugar will be there to take care of you. Lies, to be sure. But there is a lesson to be learned from him. We can use his same tactics against the Progressives. There is nothing wrong with adapting and learning from an enemy.

The type of person that was an Obama voter is a "useful idiot". There is no reason that we cannot do the same thing. Only unlike Obama, we don't have to lie. We need to tell the truth and craft our message in such a way that even someone who is ignorant of politics but aware of who Chloe Kardashian is dating can understand.

Please help me, we all need ideas on telling the story of freedom.