Thank you Bill Alexander for what you have written, you are correct. God Bless you and yours!

Originally posted by Bill Alexander:
Good points all, I was talking with my Brother, We both served in the Marines, he Lives a distance from me, but we are on the Same Page, and where he lives are also a lot of Ex service Men, they get together and talk a lot! And we are wondering when the Other Shoe will drop..
This last outrage will galvanize all of us for Good or Bad..Fence Sitters are starting to Realize, the Danger this Crop of Commies, are trying to accomplish with the Latest Shooting of Children,our Dunblane if you will...We have the Sense that they will Overreach and start a Shit Storm, and even if they can get some Public Support. Patriots will NEVER Give up the Means to Protect themselves, They will Declare War on us, when they try to Make the Ownership of Military Pattern Rifles a Felony! We will Need to Fight them, and it will be Man to Man, hill to Hill, with small groups, and Fire Teams to Start..

Once the Entire Population is involved, either by collapse of Infrastructure, or Loss of Food, we will be in Total War, with the Traitors and their Cohorts..

We will win this Battle, be rest assured, no matter how far we need to Take It..These commies are so blind with Power, they underestimate the Will and the Resolve, of Patriot Americans, I say this because THEY are Not Americans In Spirit, and we Will Defeat Them, and It will be with Shock and Awe! Be Brave and Not Fearful, it will be a Good Day to Die, for Future Freedom, and our Children and Grandchildren!

Semper Fi

Back in Kentucky and glad to be back in my mountains!