Kalak..some thoughtful words, but as I have always thought, we will be in the FIGHT , does not matter who fires the First shot, either from a financial collapse, or pure aggression on the Part of the Beast Gov...We here for the Most part, have fought before, we have no delusions about the Horror, and gut wrenching smell of War!

We Will not be disarmed piecemeal, or on a large Scale Period! They have more on their Plate than they can handle...I do not worry about their assets, I worry about the People of this Country, and how we will get through this Crisis!

If we must rely on the Three Percent, we will still have a very formidable Force..Don"t count us Old guys out, we been there done that, and anyone that underestimates Our Resolve, will pay the Price...My Drill Instructor Once told me Marines Brag Alot..Cuz they Fuckin Just Do It!

Rest Easy, we can handle the Overburden, maybe not as long as we once did, but God Helps the Willing!

Semper Fi Brother

Semper Fi