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[b] The ones giving the orders won't likely be on the battlefield. They'll be in a nice safe bunker, sending others to pay that price.
The ones giving the orders are not the ones I am thinking about, I am thinking about all the Liberals living in their Suburban or Urban homes who will have their normal lives turned inside out and worse yet into a living hell, if there is a Civil War or Revolution.

What needs to be fully understood by everyone, them and us, is the truth that the ones on the front lines who are pulling the triggers are not the only ones who pay a price or die in a war.

What about the ones who get caught between Freedom Fighters and Government Troops in a firefight.

What about the ones who's home becomes collateral damage.

What about the ones who are unlucky enough that their children get accidentally shot on their way to or from school.

And what about driving through a real Combat Zone on the way to work, or for Grocery Shopping or for other essential things, or having to step over dead bodies or losing their jobs or businesses or what ever the Liberals happen to value.

During a real Revolution some American Cities are going to look like Sarajevo during the Yugoslavian Civil War and it is not going to be fun living in those Cities.

This is what we must make the Liberals understand. [/b]
I don't give a fuck if they understand.

They should reap what they sow.

Then, and only then, will they "understand."

Fuck 'em.

Enough of this bullshit, already. Look at where the past 50 years have taken us. Why delay it further until the weapons of our enemy are truly insurmountable? Until their surveillance is insurmountable.

I say we fight soon and get it over with. For all the marbles. We lose? We lose. And they can turn it into their little commie utopia.

I, for one, am totally unwilling to just hand the country over to them by default and that's what most seem to espouse.

I'd rather die fighting then live in their USSA. No matter what.

The War for America
Fight Everywhere