The past year, I've been dealing with family medical issues that consume the majority of my time; so I'm behind the 8-ball.

Regarding militia websites...

Looking around the net I see that many of the long term, older sites have died off and become inactive. Several haven't had any activity in over 3 years; while another that once had over 8000 members is now down to about 400.

Why is this happening?

The lack of participation by the membership is killing these boards. Everyone can't keep their nose out of fookbook AND most can't be bothered to post anything or reply to the few who do.

It's almost impossible for one or two people to do all the work themselves. Right now a moderator can spend hours writing a post on how to do X and he couldn't pay someone to take five minutes to write a reply or ask a question. If people refuse to interact with each other, I don't know what to tell you.

I say again...

AWRM was founded by the original members of the modern militia movement. Some say AWRM is outdated or behind the times because we didnít drink the facebook koolaid. We have years of experience doing this for real and that is why we made a deliberate decision not to participate in the facebook fiasco. Donít know what I mean? Ask all the patriots whoíve been rolled up by club fed recently.

As events reach critical mass it is time to get serious. We are now working on growing the board with an emphasis on quality over quantity. AWRM is calling for the remnant who haven't fallen for the social media trap to step forward. We want the hard core, real deal folks ...the doers not the bullshitters. We want people who are committed to the effort, solution oriented, and have actual skill sets that will help support the militia. If you would like to share your knowledge, join us. Knowledge skills include all survival/off-grid skills, military training/tactics, communications, and those who have ideas on how to fix the problems we face today, instead of talking about the 10 million symptoms of those problems.

We will focus on the original training and solutions to problems faced by the patriot community. We will place a heavy emphasis on communication, intel, medical, tactical training and the formation of small LOCAL teams.

A few months ago we opened the board as a courtesy; so that all could read and hopefully learn something. We thought this move might generate some renewed interest and participation. But, many of you like to play the Grey Man. You lurk as a guest but never log in or post anything. You come here expecting to find something to read without contributing to the conversation. Enjoy that privilege while you can.

For the last 15 years we have done our best to provide everyone with information free of charge. The moderators have put in untold hours of hard work and their own money into this effort. Most readers donít realize that solid, detailed posts take hours to write.

Starting in 2017 AWRM will transition to a paid membership @ $25 per year. (Thatís less than 7 cents per day.)

Several of the forums will remain open for all to read. Others will become private for contributing members only.

Anyone who has contributed over the past year will have access to the new changes for a period of one year beginning Jan. 17.

The move to a paid annual subscription is for a variety of reasons:

-To restrict membership to those serious about content, learning and training, in order to allow us to roll out information privately to members.

-To help offset running costs. Running a forum isnít a tax-payer supported .gov program. It actually costs real money to operate. Therefor we now have to run this as a business in order to pay the bills, and what is earned goes back into improving the site.

-To also cover the cost of increased content that we are developing within the forum.

-Work performed, in a liberty based free market economy, should be compensated. If you simply expect Ďfree chickení then you need to adjust your attitude.

AWRM is owned and operated by Freedom-Loving Americans who have provided this space for others of like mind to be a place to gather together and; share our collective knowledge, learn more about our Liberties and Heritage, enjoy the company of fellow American Patriots, pass on our skills and experiences, create new friends, and get reacquainted with old ones. One of our goals is to provide a place for American Patriots to communicate with one another to create a more cohesive network of Liberty minded people who have a vested interest in ensuring the continuance of our Constitutional Republic.

It doesnít matter if you are young or old, survivalist or militia. There is a place for everyone here.

Itís time to get serious. Itís time to get to work.

"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come and that soon, and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." Gen. T.J. Jackson, March 1861