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It's that time of the year again, where I shamelessly ask you for your money. But it's not like you don't get anything for it - for as little as $25, you can get your very own avatar AND recognition as an AWRM Contributing Member AND access to the Green Dragon Tavern!

But most of all, you will be helping us bring you this forum for the latest news and information you need YOU need to keep you and your family free and THRIVE during the hard times ahead.

And making your donation is easy! Just click on the PayPal button on the main page, and be sure to include your screen name so we will know who to credit. It's that simple!

Don't want to use PayPal? Just send a PM to ConSigCor for instruction on how to contribute by mail.

Thanks, and we'll see you in the Green Dragon Tavern!

Onward and upward,