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Sonic Drive In uses stickers to attach your receipt to the outside of the bag your food comes in... I always thought it silly, and a waste of money to do that. then, I got to high school, those Sonic stickers from food bags are EVERYWHERE. On the front of vending machines, on top of lunch tables, doors of bathrooms, on the bottom of your shoe, chairs, benches, even clocks... they are very noticeable. I am sure Sonic is actually making money from the stickers because of all the advertising they get
If I were a school custodian, and I had to scrape those stickers off of all those places, I'd be roasting marshmellows one night where sonic "USED" to be. " Honest officer I didn't see a thing. I saw this here fire and decided I wouldn't waste the opportunity to make a somemore.

You have to be careful where you put those stickers.

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