IMPORTANT—A Message for Americans

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IMPORTANT—A Message for Americans - 06/19/2022 06:27 AM

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Britain Head of Military Tells Troops Prepare for WWIII
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Dig and stock an expedient fallout shelter while you still can. I can eat dried dog food to keep from starving to death if I have to if I run out of dried rice and dried pinto beans. Prepare yourself mentally now so when it happens you don't go into catatonic brain fart. Damn Biden and the demorats who want WW3 so they can stay in power. It will be nuclear.

I like Coach Red Pill (Gonzalo Lira) in the video above. He has guts to tell the truth when he is being held under house arrest in Ukraine where he lives. They were considering executing him.
I like his videos about how to treat Bitch or slut Girlfriends.
Such as:
Why Women Are So Unhappy
Why Nice Guys Attract Whores & Damaged Girls
Recognize and Avoid Women Who Are Damaged Goods 5 of 7
The 1,000 C0©k Stare
Don't Fuck Crazy
You Cant Save Her
Coach Red Pill on Skanks
Why You Should Hate Cucks
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NATO pushing for Kaliningrad CATASTROPHE by provoking Russia into global nuclear war
Tuesday, June 21, 2022

..."The railway blockade of Kaliningrad is obviously a setup to try to provoke Russia into “attacking” a NATO member (Lithuania) so that NATO and the USA can justify a full-scale military assault on Russia. Once again, the neocons are scheming to plunge the world into global thermonuclear war in order to destroy the United States of America while attempting to maintain dictatorial control over the world’s natural resources and monetary systems"...
..."The point of all this is that while the USA and NATO — both run by insane, power-hungry neocons who respect no rule of law, no international treaties and no national sovereignty — think they can beat Russia in a global thermonuclear war, they are just as delusional as they’ve been when trying to harm Russia with economic sanctions that have only devastated western nations.

If Biden forces Putin into a nuclear defense of Kaliningrad and Russia, the United States and NATO will be utterly destroyed by Russia’s nuclear arsenal, even if it means Russia has to absorb a retaliatory strike (which it can survive due to anti-ICBM defense systems and a network of fallout shelters).

By trying to force Russia into a war with NATO, the USA’s illegitimate, criminal cartel leaders (Biden, Obama, Clinton, Nuland, etc.) are thrusting the entire world into the very real potential for a nuclear apocalypse and the end of life as we know it on planet Earth. Importantly, the USA will lose such a world war badly, and the whole world will finally see how weak, pathetic and “woke” the US Pentagon has become. The US military is utterly incapable of winning even a single front war with Russia, not to mention a two-front war with Russia and China combined. And the Pentagon is far more concerned about paying for transgender surgeries for woke soldiers than actually teaching men how to fight.

That’s why we must right now arrest the criminals who stole the 2020 election. Remove them from power. Prosecute them. Pull us back from the brink of nuclear war with Russia and reaffirm Russia’s right to exist as a sovereign nation with its own interests and sphere of influence.

Yet we don’t see any evidence whatsoever that the neocon lunatics running the Biden regime have any willingness to recognize Russia’s right to exist. Thus, the entire world stands on the brink of disaster"...

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