When Europe Falls...Who is Next?

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When Europe Falls...Who is Next? - 09/06/2022 11:56 PM

When Europe Falls...Who is Next?

What do you think is going to happen? Who do you think is going to get blamed by the people for the fall of Europe? The US, thats who. Its not a ,matter of if, its a matter of when.

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Re: When Europe Falls...Who is Next? - 09/07/2022 12:39 AM

Let Europe fall from their stupidity it's not our fault that the stupid Socialist Europeans took orders from the Globalists and that senile child molesting traitor Joe Biden. Everyone with common sense knew that their green energy nonsense would never work. When Europe collapses they are on their own. The USA and first forget about the stupid Socialist Europeans. They should have let Ukraine and Russia fight it out by themselves. Let's not start a nuclear World War 3 over the Russians cutting off gas to the stupid Socialist Europeans. We need to be like Switzerland have impenetrable boarders, spend all foreign aide instead on armaments, and leave the rest of the world alone.
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This Winter, Europe Plunges Into “The New Dark Ages”

September 7, 2022 by Michael

Could you imagine being sent to prison for three years if you dared to set your thermostat above 66 degrees Fahrenheit? As you will see below, this is a proposed regulation that is actually being considered in a major European country right now. If you have not been paying much attention to what is happening in Europe, you need to wake up. Natural gas in Europe is seven times more expensive than it was early last year, and that is because of the war in Ukraine. Over the past few decades, the Europeans foolishly allowed themselves to become extremely dependent on gas from Russia. In fact, more than 55 percent of the natural gas that Germany uses normally comes from Russia. But now the war has changed everything, and Europe is facing an extremely harsh winter of severe shortages, mandatory rationing and absolutely insane heating bills.

Things are going to get very cold and very dark all over Europe in the months ahead, and those Europeans that choose to rebel against the new restrictions that are being implemented could literally find themselves in prison…

Switzerland is considering jailing anyone who heats their rooms above 19C for up to three years if the country is forced to ration gas due to the Ukraine war.

The country could also give fines to those who violate the proposed new regulations.

Speaking to Blick, Markus Sporndli, who is a spokesman for the Federal Department of Finance, explained that the rate for fines on a daily basis could start at 30 Swiss Francs (£26).

19 degrees Celsius is just 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you live in Europe, prepare to dress very warmly this winter.

Some may be anticipating that they will just use portable radiant heaters to keep things toasty, but apparently using such heaters “would not be allowed” under the new regulations that Switzerland is considering…

Blick also reported that radiant heaters would not be allowed and saunas and swimming pools would have to stay cold.

This is serious.

We have never seen anything like this before, and the longer the war in Ukraine stretches on the worse the energy crisis in Europe will become.

An end to the era of cheap energy also means that a severe economic slowdown is in the cards, and this is already starting to show up in the numbers…

Europe is showing signs of heading into a recession as multiple economic surveys show the region’s services and manufacturing sectors slowing down while a large number of the continent’s citizens are struggling to cope with rising prices.

The S&P Global Eurozone Composite Output Index fell to an 18-month low in August at 48.9, according to a Sept. 5 news release (pdf).

The eurozone private sector “moved further into contractionary territory” in August. Both services and manufacturing output fell for the month.

Of course what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning.

Things are likely to get really bad this winter.

In fact, German Economic Minister Robert Habeck has publicly admitted that some parts of the German economy will “simply stop producing for the time being”.


And the truth is that this is already starting to happen…

In yet another truly astonishing announcement that demonstrates the desperation of this hour, German steelmaker ArcelorMittal, one of the largest steel production facilities in Europe, has shuttered operations due to high energy prices. (See their announcement here, in German.)

“With gas and electricity prices increasing tenfold within just a few months, we are no longer competitive in a market that is 25% supplied by imports,” said CEO Reiner Blaschek.

This comes after announced closures of aluminum smelters, copper smelters and ammonia production plants over the last few weeks. Ammonia — necessary for fertilizer — is now 70% offline in the EU.

Many more factories will be forced to shut down in the coming months.

Deeply alarmed by what is taking place, 40 CEOs from Europe’s metals industry have jointly issued an open letter in which they warn that their companies are facing an “existential threat to our future”…

Ahead of Friday’s emergency summit, the business leaders of Europe’s non-ferrous metals industry are writing together to raise the alarm about Europe’s worsening energy crisis and its existential threat to our future. Our sector has already been forced to make unprecedented curtailments in the last 12 months. We are deeply concerned that the winter ahead could deliver a decisive blow to many of our operations, and we call on EU and Member State leaders to take emergency action to preserve their strategic electricity-intensive industries and prevent permanent job losses.

50% of the EU’s aluminium and zinc capacity has already been forced offline due to the power crisis, as well as significant curtailments in silicon and ferroalloys production and further impacts felt across copper and nickel sectors. In the last month, several companies have had to announce indefinite closures and many more are on the brink ahead of a life-or-death winter for many operations. Producers face electricity and gas costs over ten times higher than last year, far exceeding the sales price for their products. We know from experience that once a plant is closed it very often becomes a permanent situation, as re-opening implies significant uncertainty and cost.

This is what an economic collapse looks like.

Things are already so bad that scientists are even considering shutting down the Large Hadron Collider…

Europe’s energy crisis is being felt by everyone – including the scientists working deep underground in Switzerland at the Large Hadron Collider.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, better known as CERN, is even considering taking its particle accelerators offline.

This is due to the accelerators’ high energy demands, and the organisation’s desire to keep the region’s electricity grid stable.

So at least one good thing could potentially come out of this crisis.

But overall, the months ahead are going to be an immensely uncomfortable time for Europe.

As conditions become tougher and tougher, ordinary Europeans are going to become angrier and angrier.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is openly admitting that there will be “civil unrest”, but he insists that Europeans must make sacrifices in order to support the war in Ukraine…

Vladimir Putin’s ‘energy blackmail’ over Europe could lead to ‘civil unrest’ this winter, the NATO Secretary General has warned.

Jens Stoltenberg acknowledged that winter ‘will be hard’ as ‘families and businesses feel the crunch of soaring energy prices and costs of living’ in the coming months.

Writing in the Financial Times, the boss of the Western security alliance said that it is worth paying the price to support Ukraine.

Eventually, there will be tremendous civil unrest in major cities in the United States as well.

We are still only in the very early stages of this new global energy crisis, and it is going to turn all of our lives upside down.

Meanwhile, we are also plunging into a horrific global food crisis. As I detailed a few days ago, even the head of the UN is admitting that there will be “multiple famines” in 2023.

Life as we know it is about to change.

Right now, all eyes are on Europe because things are starting to get really crazy over there.

Europe is going to descend into “the new Dark Ages” this winter, and the entire world will experience extreme pain as a result.
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Re: When Europe Falls...Who is Next? - 09/08/2022 07:41 PM

From the article above,..."Some may be anticipating that they will just use portable radiant heaters to keep things toasty, but apparently using such heaters “would not be allowed” under the new regulations that Switzerland is considering"…

They are either damn liars, idiots, or they are under the influence of the Globalists who want to destroy most of the population. Radiant infrared heat is the most efficient kind of heat there is. The Sun heats the Earth with radiant heat from and average distance of 93 million miles without heating outer space. Radiant heat heats objects not the air and is much more efficient. Anyone that uses forced air central electric heat to heat their whole house can save a great amount of money by instead of heating the whole house just heating one room with a radiant heat source either electric, propane, kerosene, or a wood burning stove with a glass door to let the infrared radiant heat through.

For the last 4 years I have only heated one room in my house with radiant heat to save money. And I have not heated the rest of my house at all.

People need to wear layers of winter clothes and insulated boots in their house, not waste money on centrally heating their whole house to 75 degrees F.

The Europeans and the US needs to quit fighting a proxy war against the Russians and let the Russians take the areas of Ukraine that are ethnically Russian before we have economic collapse or a Nuclear World War III.

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Europe Is Facing Energy Disaster And It’s Going To Bleed Over Into The US
Civil unrest in Europe is assured. Similar conditions are already brewing in the states, but it’s hard to say if Europe’s problems will trigger public anger here.

By Brandon Smith | Friday, September 09, 2022

Though the situation is ever changing, currently the Russian government has announced an official shutdown of ALL natural gas exports to Europe through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and plans to maintain the shutdown until the EU ends its economic sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

This means that around 40% of Europe’s energy resources are now gone, with supply chain issues surrounding the other 60% and prices skyrocketing for households and businesses.

Back in March in an article titled ‘The Biggest Lies (So Far) Surrounding Russia And Ukraine’ I noted that:

“…There’s something else the media does not talk about much, which is Europe’s reliance on Russian oil and natural gas. If you want to see actual price inflation caused by Russia, let the EU ban Russian oil imports, or watch as Putin cuts off the supply. Europe is dependent on Russian oil and gas for about 40% of overall energy production. They cannot even survive a single year without it. If Russia retaliated and blocked energy exports to Europe, the the EU would have to siphon oil from many other countries, reducing global supply dramatically. This would cause gas prices to explode to double or even triple current levels.”

Back in April of this year in my article ‘The Media Is Ignoring These Two Events Which Could Cause Economic Collapse’ I predicted that:

“…The Russian economy is not about to fold anytime soon, and now the EU, which is reliant on Russian oil and gas exports for 40% of their energy needs, is about to face economic doom unless they submit to paying for energy in rubles (which they won’t) or find a replacement source for gas and oil (which is impossible). Furthermore, with Europe on the global market looking for alternative oil sources, a big chunk of the oil market will be rerouted.

What does this mean? Less oil and gas to fulfill the demand in other countries. In other words, prices are about to skyrocket higher yet again.”
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The media disinformation surrounding the economic situation with Russia disarmed millions of people and fooled them into believing that it was Russia facing fiscal disaster rather than Europe or potentially the US. Now, it would seem my predictions of a full spectrum crisis are coming true. The question is, what happens next?

For now, all talk in the mainstream media will revolve around two things – What will be done to prevent disaster, and how evil Russia is for cutting off the European population from warmth in wintertime. I’m not going to get into the weeds on the morality of Russia’s actions vs European sanctions (After all, the EU sought to economically destroy Russia. And, as I have written in the past, BOTH sides are being played by globalists to create a worldwide crash). But I do want to cover the inevitable EU response.

European governments are now racing to implement the only policies they understand: Stimulus policies.

The UK and the EU are announcing plans to artificially subsidize energy providers and pay a percentage of electric bills for households and businesses. Of course, one has to ask, if it’s that easy for governments to simply print money and feed it to energy providers, then why don’t they just pay for everyone’s electric bills all the time?

Because price controls never work, that’s why.

What the EU is planning is essentially a form of price controls using inflated fiat as a means to placate energy producers for as long as they can. Most oil and gas on the global market is purchased using the US dollar, not the Euro, so it is unclear if Europe will be printing euros to buy dollars or attempting to buy oil, gas, and coal directly. In any case, this will greatly reduce the Euro’s value on the energy market and prices will continue to rise for the EU anyway.

The EU and UK are seeking to cap prices and pay the remainder, but if prices keep climbing, how much are they willing to subsidize and how much are they willing to devalue the Euro (or the Pound) in the process? Are they willing to go into complete currency implosion and hyperinflation to pay for energy?

All of the debate over government stimulus and the effects will be meaningless, though, if the issue of supply is not taken into account. The EU can print as much money as they want, but this doesn’t help them if they can’t acquire enough energy resources to provide the heating and power the public needs. There is ZERO chance that they will be able to fill the void left behind by Russian gas and oil, so a certain percentage of the European population is going to suffer regardless.

Here are the developments Europe will see in the near term:

Rolling Blackouts

Further Price Inflation In Energy

Business Shutdowns Due To Operating Costs

Energy Fascism – Informants And Government Monitoring Of Usage

Further Price Inflation In General Goods Including Food

More Government Price Controls

Governments Pushing The Idea Of Universal Basic Income

Rationing Of All Necessities

Severe Economic Decline And Job Losses

Large Numbers Of People Freezing In The Winter

Civil Unrest

I could continue on with this list but I think you get the idea. It’s not going to be pretty. For those of us in the US this seems like a scenario out of sight and out of mind, but this will not be the case. Europe is going to be scouring markets for energy supplies, anywhere they can find them. Keep in mind, the US is ALREADY sending 75% of its liquid natural gas exports to Europe. There is very little resource backstop for the EU to dip into.

This means less oil, less gas, less coal, less of everything for purchase in America. Sure, we could be producing most of these resources in-house and cut exports to the EU, but the Biden Administration will never allow that to happen.

At the very least, prices are going to rise everywhere on the majority of goods. I continue to predict that US gas prices at the pump will climb to around $7 a gallon on average. Propane and other heating commodities will rocket beyond previous highs.

Supply chains will be weakened. European manufacturing will take a massive hit and many of these businesses will not be able to operate at normal capacity. Most of them will have to reduce production and institute layoffs. This means that European goods will be exported less frequently and prices on the remaining goods will spike in the US.

European agriculture will also be hit hard. Food production will fall as energy supplies and fertilizer supplies falter. This means they will be buying up more grains and foods from other nations, causing prices to jump for everyone else including the US.

Civil unrest in Europe is assured. Similar conditions are already brewing in the states, but it’s hard to say if Europe’s problems will trigger public anger here. More price inflation might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but this is unlikely until mass layoffs start later this year and into 2023. It takes time for the public to realize things are not going to return to normal.

Overall, the US economy will continue its path towards destabilization, though it seems that Europe will see the worst of the global crisis over the next several months. Unfortunately, the interdependency created by globalism has left every country in the world overly reliant on the others. If any one link in the chain breaks, the entire system breaks. This is why decentralization is so important – It creates redundancies and protects each individual nation from a potentially disastrous domino effect.
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Originally Posted by ConSigCor
“…The Russian economy is not about to fold anytime soon...

That may or may not be true, reports differ. Certainly, many sectors of the Russian economy is suffering from severe shortages and supply problems. But it sure looks like the Russian military is being routed in the Kharkiv region, where the Ukraine counteroffensive has recaptured more than 1000 square miles of territory, most of it in the last 72 hours. And Russian forces have reportedly pulled out of Izyum, an important staging and supply post for the Donbas campaign, because they were about to be encircled.

Civil unrest may be brewing, but it may be a whole lot worse in Russia than we think.

Thousands of Russian troops retreated in the face of a lightning Ukrainian offensive in the Kharkiv region that threatens to derail the Kremlin’s bid to cement control of Ukraine’s east.

A local Moscow-backed official and pro-Russian military bloggers said Saturday Kremlin forces had pulled out of Izyum, a staging post for the campaign in Donbas, to avoid being encircled.

Russia’s defense ministry confirmed the pullout from Izyum and other areas in a statement from Moscow, describing the move as necessary to bolster forces in the eastern Donetsk region.

The news came hours after Ukrainian officials announced the seizure of Kupyansk, a logistical and transit hub for Russian troops fighting in the east, and the recapture of other occupied territory in the northern Kharkiv region earlier this week.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry also tweeted a photo it said was of the liberation of Balakliya, to the southwest of Kupyansk, with troops shown raising a Ukrainian flag in the town center....

The Russian defense ministry said on its Telegram channel that the decision had been taken to reallocate forces from Balakliya and Izyum to Donetsk over a three-day period to “achieve the stated goals of liberating Donbas.”

Russian military correspondents have voiced increasing concern about the reverses, with Ukrainian forces advancing dozens of kilometers into Russia-controlled territory in Kharkiv over the past several days.

“The situation for the Russian armed forces in the battles near Kharkiv is the hardest,” Yevgeny Poddubny, a war correspondent of State Russian TV channel VGTRK, said on his Telegram channel on Saturday....

The bottom line is, Russia needs the income from the natural gas as much (or more) than Europe needs the gas. This is going to get interesting.

Onward and upward,

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Screw the Socialist Europeans. The US needs to stop all energy exports. Europeans can learn how to get by on just the 60% of energy they have left since they screwed the Russian Commie Rats and the ethnic Russians in Ukraine. They can go back to mining coal and running nuclear power plants. Green energy is just another scam the sheeple fell for.

If Europe wants energy from the Russians they can stop giving support to the Ukrainian Nazis and they can stop their economic warfare against the Russians.

The Russians are only using their second rate troops in Ukraine to give them combat experience and because they are expendable while they keep there first rate troop in reserve for World War 3.

The European chumps just like Biden and the Democrat chumps are being lead by the Globalists who want to kill off as much of the population as they can by starting a Nuclear World War III to further hide the already coming economic collapse they tried to hide with the Covid scam. They plan to give another round of the clot shots this Fall to kill more of us while people are still sick and dying from the effects of the last round of clot shots.

The Clot Shots are the experimental mRNA injections (falsely called a vaccination) that the sheeple took after they were manipulated into wearing face masks and paid not to work in an attempt do destroy our economy. They were dumb enough to believe the lies that the clot shots worked and they were scared into taking them. I need to go cut some more firewood then reload some more ammo.