12/01/2022 07:29 PM How the Next Civil War Begins [by airforce]
America is lurching toward collapse. Will a contested election, with neither candidate conceding defeat, finally bring it about? An interesting theory, if nothing else. I think and economic collapse will kick things off - but my ESP is notoriously flawed.

ll national declines ebb and flow. The street violence and chaos of the summer of 2020 marked the moment the curtain was pulled back, the country’s true psychic state revealed for a single season before the curtain fell once more—President Biden entered office, the pandemic subsided, normalcy seemed to return.

In the two years since that summer, I’ve considered the specific series of events that might trigger our final national fragmentation, often in Tablet, and it now seems clear to me that America’s demise will be inaugurated by what has become our country’s pastime: a contested election. In two years from now, both parties will declare themselves the electoral victor, with neither presidential candidate conceding defeat; state electors will ratify two different presidents, according to their preferred narrative or conspiracy theory; the country will then fracture, legally and institutionally, along red and blue lines.

According to recent polling, more than 50% of Americans expect a new civil war in the “next couple of years.” It’s a pathetic scenario more fitting for a semi-authoritarian backwater than the world’s beacon of democracy. National breakup efforts will be coming and, if we’re being honest, they’re behind schedule.

Since 2000, the U.S. has witnessed three contested presidential elections, with one side labeling the results illegitimate. In 2000’s Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court shut down vote recounts and delivered the election to the son of a former president, a man whose family, at various points, maintained that the 1992 election itself was “stolen” by the querulous Ross Perot and the meddling “liberal media.”

The appointment of President George W. Bush, grandchild of Prescott Bush—who took part in the Business Plot, a bumbling coup d’état attempt against Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s—led the country into two disastrous Middle Eastern wars, one being based on fraudulent premises. In his final year in office Bush stood at the helm while the U.S. banking system collapsed, causing the country’s most significant economic downturn since the Great Depression.

In the next election the U.S. electorate pinned their hopes on Barack Obama, the skinny junior Illinois senator promising to lead the country past the triune plagues of Wall Street greed, racial animus, and Middle Eastern wars. Amid more puff pieces about the beauty of the presidential family than occurred during John Kennedy’s presidential tenure, Obama lost the 2010 midterms.

Six years later, the former first lady, Hillary Clinton, who everyone in elite media penciled in as their next queen, deepened the Democrats’ failure by taking electoral losses throughout the Rust Belt region far worse than Al Gore’s 2000 campaign.

Instead of admitting fault for their losing campaign strategy, Democratic Party apparatchiks and their allies in the legacy media became full-time election denialists. The news operations that made billions airing Trump’s every idiotic word in the lead-up to the 2016 election accepted no responsibility for his eventual victory; neither did the Democratic Party establishment, who all but rigged their own primary process in favor of one of the least popular political figures in American history. The Democratic Party leadership and journalism class did nothing wrong, we were repeatedly informed. It was Vladimir Putin and the Russians who were actually to blame—they hacked the election!

Heading into the 2020 election, COVID-19 crashed what had been a not-quite-as-disastrous-as-anticipated 45th U.S. presidency for Donald Trump. By embracing both the COVID lockdowns and a miniscule relief package that did not tie employees to their jobs, Trump tanked any realistic chance of winning a second term. But instead of admitting his own errors, Trump—like the Bushes, the Gores, and the Clintons before him—blamed everybody else.

Predictably, Trump claimed that his defeat was a fraud. The election, you see, was stolen. Sound familiar? Within a matter of weeks, “stop the steal” became the mantra of the Republican Party. All who refused to abide by its claims were run out of the MAGA camp as traitors—or worse.

Bringing us to the present, when no one in leadership takes responsibility for anything—not America’s military generals, nor its public health officials, and least of all its president. Scapegoating and conspiracy accusations are the norm. Both left and right view instigating mass hysteria as a legitimate political tool—not only for career advancement, but also institutional takeover. Where does that leave us?

Entire nations can go insane. Here’s a way to test if we’re headed that way: Watch five minutes of TikTok—anything related to politics, beauty tips, or social justice. Follow that up with five minutes of MSNBC, then the same amount of Fox News. Next, read a chapter of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility—any chapter. Lastly, carefully scan some QAnon Reddit posts. Immediately after doing all this, take a shower and then ask yourself: Is American political culture not in the throes of degenerative madness? Might the seemingly stable present be attributable to the fact that we remain too rich, militarily impenetrable, and geographically insulated to face the full consequences of our psychological derangement?

Once a political culture embraces the path of the dark triad—narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy—negative end products are not simply possible, but inevitable. There’s only one chance to stave off the worst potential outcomes in the United States: Recognize our 50-state partnership as a failed marriage and, like adults, move on. Here’s how it could look:

California, parts of Oregon, Washington, and Nevada agree to become one new federal system but keep their independent statehoods—and legislative bodies—intact. Utah, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and the Dakotas do the same. The Rust Belt states, including, let’s suppose, a separated western Pennsylvania, forge together as another similar regional governance agreement.

Connecticut, Massachusetts, and the rest of New England become another confederation of nation states. Upstate New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and eastern Pennsylvania join it, or perhaps Canada would like a few new wealthy provinces. The five boroughs of NYC should probably be given unique status inside this new New England, similar to Scotland’s place inside the United Kingdom: a distinct parliament and some separate form of micro-nationhood.

Down South, the former Civil War border states of Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri can collaborate in a new state partnership. Similarly, the 11 states of the former Confederacy join together once more, minus Texas, who we all know—because they remind us incessantly!—has been counting the days until it can declare full independence again.

Alaska and Hawaii are beautiful and luxurious places. They’ll easily find a home in one of these new state partnerships. Puerto Rico, America’s long-suffering and neglected stepchild, might seek independence, which is increasingly popular with its citizens: In 2020, the Puerto Rican Independence Party picked up 13.6% of the vote compared to 2.1% in 2016; the anti-colonial Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana, meanwhile, garnered 14% of the vote, signaling a full quarter of the territory is ready to cut ties with the U.S.

There’s nothing sacred about 50-state America. Breaking up the country into six or seven new semiautonomous state partnerships won’t solve all, or even most, of our political or cultural problems. It should, however, end the insane and unwinnable culture wars over the national identity of a country that was never intended to have a massive top-down, one-size-fits-all solution for how its citizens should live. America was founded to allow local experiments in democracy to flourish within regional cultures. That tradition has been destroyed by a ruling class made up of people who were all educated at the same schools and taught to believe that technocratic solutions were the answer to every problem. Corporations and federal surveillance bureaucracies may object to a national breakup on the grounds that it would make their jobs harder, but why should ordinary Americans feel the same way?

How much of America’s present dysfunction is the result of Abraham Lincoln’s 1861 choice to forcibly keep together two regional cultures that detest each other? Few comparable civil wars exist in world history where one side vanquishes (and humiliates) the other and then the two sides stay together peacefully—but teeming with unresolved resentment—for more than a century and half.

Like it or not, the United States is poised to Balkanize at some point. If anything, sustained independence movements are overdue. The 21st-century ascent of the critical-race- and gender-as-a-social-construct ideologies might not actually represent an effort to dismantle a “hegemonic white patriarchy,” as claimed. A better way to understand the tremendous popularity of woke thought among the bureaucratic class could be as an unconscious attempt to create the moral economy needed to forcefully keep the union together a second time. For, if the red-state voters and rural Americans are merely dens of “deplorable” “racist” “fascists” then there’s simply no choice but to deny them democratic independence when they inevitably ask for it.

Since I started writing about the topic of national breakup two years ago, the concept of a second U.S. civil war has become presque vu across much of the American media landscape. The round-faced YouTuber Tim Pool has made a living posting daily videos on the topic. With his head hovering in the bottom right corner of the screen, Pool displays the day’s news. After reading a few lines, Pool will then sigh, pause for dramatic effect, and offer commentary that, nearly without fail, contains the phrase “I tell you what” and some reference to the notion of a second civil war.

My YouTube algorithm pairs Pool’s videos with advertisements for bulletproof vests, tactical knives, and other self-defense paraphernalia. Prepare yourself nancy boy, YouTube whispers in my ear. The zombies are coming.

In need of an informed interlocutor, I called F.H. Buckley, a foundation professor of law at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, and outlined my predictions for America’s end. We discussed two distinct national breakup possibilities:

Scenario A is the “Buchanan,” named after President James Buchanan’s apathy toward the South’s independence efforts. In this scenario, Trump—or any other Republican—occupies the White House when Californians set in motion a serious move toward “Calexit.” According to Buckley, the Republican president responds by saying “‘goodbye and good luck.’”

Scenario B, the “Lincoln” (named after Lincoln’s inexorable campaign to keep the union together by force): Under a Democratic chief executive—including a Biden second term—red states launch independence movements. Buckley believes this is where the true danger lies. “The question is which party is prepared to invade and occupy the territory of another part of the country,” he asks rhetorically. The Democrats, he goes on, “wouldn’t hesitate to make war on the Republican parts of America.”

I share with Buckley that I live in a solidly middle-class neighborhood in north central Florida. Roughly 30%-35% of my neighbors are African American. On the road directly in front of my house, kids ride their motocross bikes wearing cowboy boots and unironic mullets. On this same road, I’ve heard Punjabi and Mandarin spoken by neighbors walking by with their children. However, when November rolls around and lawn signs go up, most of them plug Trump, Ron DeSantis, or other GOP candidates. There are plenty of Biden signs too, but I’ve never witnessed any consternation and certainly no ethnic animosity. “Mixed-race” couples are common to the degree that they’re unremarkable—as aligns with demographer Richard Alba’s recent research on the expanding American mainstream.

“The ironic thing is that American conservatives are the tolerant people here,” Buckley says. “I’m from Quebec and lived through a real secession debate,” he then says. “There was never such animosity between English and French Quebec as there is between conservatives and liberals in America. There is such a degree of deep-seated contempt and widespread fantasies of what life would be like without the other side around.”

In our chat, which happened more than a month ago, Buckley argued that the most likely outcome of the 2024 presidential election is a Biden presidency. Due to Biden’s advanced age and visible health problems, I hadn’t even contemplated that as a possibility.

Should Buckley’s prediction prove true, following a second Trump defeat, it feels inevitable that “stop the steal” morphs into some form of red-state “national divorce”—rhetoric already used frequently by Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and many on the American right. The Libertarian Party has also made #NationalDivorce part of their refrain.

What does the federal government do under that 21st-century “Lincoln scenario”? I ask Buckley.

“March troops into seceding red territories,” he says without hesitation.

Onward and upward,
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11/30/2022 04:38 AM Stewart Rhodes Falsely Convicted of Sedicous Conspiracy [by Texas Resistance]
Stewart Rhodes founder of the Oath Keepers was falsely Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy in a kangaroo court. Stewart Rhodes and other Oath Keepers were set up by government agent provocateurs as was the Hutaree Militia in Michigan who were found innocent of Seditious Conspiracy in 2012 by a Black activist judge.


Two Oath Keepers, Including Founder Stewart Rhodes, Found Guilty of Jan. 6 Seditious Conspiracy
By Madalina Vasiliu
November 29, 2022 Updated: November 29, 2022

WASHINGTON—Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers militia group, was found guilty by a jury on Nov. 29 of seditious conspiracy connected to the events on Jan 6, 2021.

One co-defendant, Kelly Meggs, was also found guilty of seditious conspiracy on Tuesday, while three others—Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins, and Thomas Caldwell—were acquitted of that charge.

In total, Rhodes was found guilty on three out of five counts: seditious conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding, and tampering with documents or proceedings.

Meggs was found guilty on five counts out of six: seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to prevent an officer from discharging any duties, and tampering with documents.

Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers, center, speaks during a rally outside the White House in Washington, on June 25, 2017. (Susan Walsh/AP Photo)

The other three defendants were each found guilty on multiple lesser charges.

In closing arguments, defense attorneys said the government failed to prove that the Oath Keepers planned to attack the Capitol or to interfere with the certification of Electoral College votes on Jan. 6, 2021.

A defense lawyer said that none of the 50 witnesses in the Oath Keepers trial testified that they heard any of the defendants discuss or plan to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

However, in the final rebuttal, U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Nestler said that according to the jury instructions (pdf), the government did not have to prove that the defendants had a detailed plan to breach the Capitol and meet in person to discuss their alleged scheme. An implicit agreement and mutual understanding were enough to prove the defendants’ conspiracy, he said.

Nestler told the jury that the three defendants who decided to take the witness stand to testify in their defense (Stewart Rhodes, Thomas Caldwell, and Jessica Watkins) allegedly lied.

“But it’s important to ask not just whether they lied. Ask yourself, why? Because the truth is so damning,” Nestler emphasized.

The government told the 14 jurors that the defendants deleted evidence that could prove even further their plan to breach the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

James Bright, the attorney for Rhodes, asked the jury how the Oath Keepers could conspire as early as November 2020 to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, if the Jan. 6 rally wasn’t announced until late December 2020.

Rhodes founded the Oath Keepers organization in 2009 to assist in natural disaster situations, Bright said, to volunteer to provide security for small businesses that could not afford security services from a regular company and to offer personal security details for VIPs.

Several members of the Oath Keepers testified during the weeks-long trial, saying that the organization gave them a sense of purpose since most members were retired veterans who found meaning in continuing to serve the country.

During nearly two months of trial, the U.S. prosecutors presented exhibits showing contact between the five defendants on trial and others who allegedly plotted to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Most of the government’s evidence came from the FBI agents assigned to investigate the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach. Text messages, video footage, Signal messages (an encrypted messaging app), and Zello audio recordings (a walkie-talkie app) were frequently shown in the courtroom, among other exhibits.

In his closing argument, defense counsel Bradford Geyer walked the jury through a video where he pointed out that unknown provocateurs broke through the Capitol doors first.

“Please send Ken home,” Geyer told the jury.

Another defense attorney, David Fischer, explained an unsent message that Thomas Caldwell, an Oath Keeper affiliate, deleted containing a link. That shouldn’t be considered evidence, the attorney said, since a link is not a document. That link was a video available to everyone, Fischer continued.

The prosecution distorted timeframes throughout its presentation of when the defendants walked up the stairs and entered the building, argued Jonathan Crisp, Jessica Watkins’ attorney. He also said that the government’s evidence was mostly out of context. Crisp explained that the stack formation was a way to get through the dense crowd and not for attacking the Capitol.

Only defendants Jessica Watkins, Kelly Meggs, and Kenneth Harrelson entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Rhodes and Caldwell did not.

In the aftermath of Jan. 6, the U.S. government charged Stewart Rhodes, Kelly Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins, and Thomas Caldwell with seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, aiding and abetting, conspiracy to prevent an officer from carrying out any duties, destruction of government property, civil disorder, and tampering with documents.

Before passing the trial to the jury on Nov. 21 evening, Judge Amit Mehta, an appointee of Barack Obama, reminded the jurors that the trial was against the five defendants on trial and not against the Oath Keepers’ organization.

Edward Tarpley, attorney for Rhodes said, “The judge treated us with respect.”

“There was no evidence ever introduced that there was a plan,” Tarpley told The Epoch Times, “I am grateful for the jury for not finding them guilty on all counts.”

“Jessica testified well, however, the government will seek multiple enhancements,” Jonathan Crisp, attorney for Jessica Watkins, told The Epoch Times.
Seditious Conspiracy

The most recent charge of seditious conspiracy was in 2010 when the government accused nine members of the Hutaree Militia from Michigan of “levy war against the United States.” An FBI agent who infiltrated the militia group provided most of the prosecution evidence.

When the defendants’ trial began two years later, in 2012, U.S. district judge Victoria Roberts dismissed the conspiracy charges. The judge explained that the government’s evidence mainly consisted of the defendants’ controversial speech protected by the First Amendment and did not prove the group’s alleged plan to overthrow the government.

The U.S. government pressed multiple charges, including attempted murder and seditious conspiracy, against five members of the Puerto Rican Nationalists who attacked the Capitol in 1954. The group opened fire on the House of Representatives and injured five Congress members.

Another seditious conspiracy charge was pressed in 1995 against Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and nine of his followers. They were found guilty of planning to bomb bridges, tunnels, and other landmarks in New York City.

In 2006, Adam Gadahn was the first American charged with treason since World War II. He “gave al Qaeda aid and comfort … with intent to betray the United States.”
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11/28/2022 06:17 PM China's Covid Protests [by airforce]
They've turned into something beyond Covid. It's becoming more reminiscent of Tiananmen Square. Let's pray it ends differently.

Chinese revolt against "zero COVID" policies. While the rest of the world moves on from COVID-19 containment measures, many Chinese citizens have still been subjected to lockdowns and other restrictions on movement. They've finally had enough.

Protests broke out Friday in Urumqi, after an apartment fire killed at least 10 people and injured others. COVID restrictions may have impeded people's efforts to escape.

"Protests spread to cities and college campuses around China on Saturday night, reflecting rising public anger at the country's draconian Covid controls, with some in a crowd in Shanghai directing their fury at the Communist Party and its top leader, Xi Jinping," reports The New York Times:

The tragedy has fanned broader calls to ease China's harsh regimen of Covid tests, urban lockdowns and limits on movement nearly three years into the pandemic. For much of that time, many accepted such controls as a price for avoiding the widespread illness and deaths that the United States, India and other countries endured. But public patience has eroded this year as other nations, bolstered by vaccines, moved back to something like normal, even as infections continued. And after years of enforcing the strict "zero Covid" rules, many local officials appear worn down.

Efforts to ease these rules keep failing in the face of new outbreaks.

"Barely a week after no longer requiring residents to show a negative Covid test to use mass transit, the authorities in the northern Chinese city of Shijiazhuang have locked down much of the city for five days as infections surge," the Times reported last week. "In Shanghai, many neighborhoods have begun requiring frequent Covid tests again only days after telling residents that the tests were seldom needed."

Protesters this past weekend chanted, "We want freedom."

"There is only one disease in the world, that is, being unfree and poor, and now we have both," said a man in Chongqing in a video that began spreading widely last week. "Give me liberty or give me death!"

William Hurst, a Cambridge University professor who studies Chinese politics and protest, wrote this weekend that the protests are "novel in that protesters have appeared on the streets in multiple cities with apparent knowledge of what is happening in other parts of the country," in contrast to past protests, which have generally been localized or confined to a specific group (such as students or workers).

In this case, distinct groups have been airing different complaints, but all with COVID policies as a central theme. Some of these complaints have morphed into more generalized anger at the Communist regime. "Workers in Zhengzhou and elsewhere are engaged in labour protests, but with #ZeroCovid as a kind of frame for their grievances. Students across dozens of campuses, similarly are mounting familiar kinds of protest, but also framed around Covid," noted Hurst.

[Linked Image]

So far, the Chinese authorities' response to the protests has not been "nearly as harsh, repressive, or even coordinated as we might have predicted," Hurst added.

Taisu Zhang, a historian at Yale University, points out the role played by that China's centralized COVID policies. These boosted the state's popularity in the early days of the pandemic, when the efforts appeared to be working to suppress COVID. But after those policies started to malfunction, they gave protesters a centralized, national target.

"Centralization and systemic political coherency is a high-risk, high-reward thing, but the upsides of the rewards are probably not as high as the downsides of the risks are low," commented Zhang. But in China, "decentralization doesn't seem to politically viable anymore, at least not as a matter of central level political discourse. That, more than the protests, and even more than whatever damage zero-Covid will do/has already done, is the main reason to worry about the country's long term socioeconomic prospects."

Onward and upward,
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11/15/2022 02:27 PM FOURTH TURNING WINTER OF DEATH [by ConSigCor]


“Reflect on what happens when a terrible winter blizzard strikes. You hear the weather warning but probably fail to act on it. The sky darkens. Then the storm hits with full fury, and the air is a howling whiteness. One by one, your links to the machine age break down. Electricity flickers out, cutting off the TV. Batteries fade, cutting off the radio. Phones go dead. Roads become impossible, and cars get stuck. Food supplies dwindle. Day to day vestiges of modern civilization – bank machines, mutual funds, mass retailers, computers, satellites, airplanes, governments – all recede into irrelevance.

Worst Storms of All Time - The Ground Blizzard of 1977 - WorldAtlas

“Picture yourself and your loved ones in the midst of a howling blizzard that lasts several years. Think about what you would need, who could help you, and why your fate might matter to anybody other than yourself. That is how to plan for a saecular winter. Don’t think you can escape the Fourth Turning. History warns that a Crisis will reshape the basic social and economic environment that you now take for granted.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

It was less than a year ago on December 16, 2021 when our dementia patient in chief was instructed by his handlers to lie, obfuscate and demonize critical thinking Americans who refused to become victims of the Big Pharma, Fauci promoted, untested, unsafe, ineffective gene therapy by declaring “we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated — for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm”. Biden’s vaccine mandates were overturned in the courts. The unvaccinated did not die from Covid. Very few people died from Covid. Some really old and infirm people on death’s doorstep died with Covid. Some very unhealthy obese people died with Covid. But even 95% of the old and unhealthy survived Covid.

Virtually no one under 70 years old died from Covid. Biden was lying. Fauci was lying. Walensky was lying. Gates was lying. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was lying. Their paid-off medical industry was lying. Their highly compensated corporate legacy media talking heads were lying. Captured politicians were lying. The entire Covid scheme was nothing more than weaponizing the annual flu through fear propaganda, a billion-dollar advertising campaign, and enacting totalitarian measures on the world as part of the Great Reset Build Back Better New World Order plot orchestrated by our globalist oligarch overlords.

COVID-19 Is Probably 99% Survivable for Most Age Groups, but PolitiFact Rated This False

Every Fourth Turning has its own dynamics, chaotic current, political nuances, general confusion, antagonists, and event driven upheaval. We are currently in the 14th year of this Crisis and Biden’s predicted winter of death for the unvaccinated didn’t happen and death and illness is striking down the vaxxed in far greater numbers than the unvaxxed. The perpetrators of the pandemic exercise to see how far people of the developed world could be pushed, abused, and turned into subservient vassals of the state are now demanding amnesty for themselves and their co-conspirators, as the consequences of their murderous escapades become impossible to cover-up and conceal.

Real data from the real world, not from their skewed manipulated models, is piling up, and despite the media’s tireless efforts to ignore, censor, and misinform, the truth is seeping out through the diligent digging of those who were right from the very outset of this scamdemic.

The complete and utter failure of these so-called vaccines has been evident from the very outset, as infections, hospitalizations, and deaths increased after the vaccines were rolled out as the savior of all mankind. The vaccines performed so atrociously the CDC had to change the definition of vaccine in order to obscure what a failure they proved to be. The narrative police can obfuscate and attempt to revise history, but the lies are all documented and available for anyone to see and hear.

Dr. Fauci, Rand Paul get in shouting match over Wuhan lab COVID research - ABC7 Chicago

Fauci said masks don’t work. Fauci said the vaccines would keep you from getting Covid, transmitting Covid, being hospitalized from Covid, and dying from Covid. Walensky, Birx, Biden, Trump, and a slew of other “medical experts”, Hollywood stars, famous athletes, journalists, and Sesame Street characters all mouthed the same “safe and effective” tripe non-stop about a vaccine that is provably not safe and not effective. The few brave medical professionals who dared question the narrative and provide alternative treatments (ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine) were censored, scorned, ridiculed, banned, de-licensed, de-platformed, and had their careers destroyed.

Thomas Massie on Twitter: "Check out @CDCgov's evolving definition of “ vaccination.” They've been busy at the Ministry of Truth:" / Twitter

The initial anecdotal evidence about the vaccines being useless in protecting anyone from the flu is now backed up by hundreds of real scientific studies (not fake studies bought by Big Pharma) showing boosters having negative efficacy as these multiple shots degrade people’s immune systems, just as doctors like Korry, Malone, McCullough, Vanden Bosche, Cole, Zelenko, and many others warned would happen. Anti-dependent Enhancement (ADE) is now happening in millions of those who have gotten vaxxed. Young people dying suddenly from heart attacks, myocarditis now becoming common in young men, athletes collapsing, cancer being activated by the spike protein, and the all-cause mortality skyrocketing across the world can no longer be denied.

COVID vaccine-related myocarditis rare, usually mild, studies say | CIDRAP

Last week Service Corp Intl., the largest funeral home operator in the world, reported earnings far higher than they expected because non-Covid deaths were much higher than expected. The CEO said they expected 1% growth over the 3rd quarter of 2019 and ended up with 15% unexpected growth. Lincoln National, one of the largest life insurance companies in the country, reported terrible financial results as life insurance payouts on those between 18 and 64 years old soared 163%. Both companies said these were virtually all non-Covid deaths.

Lincoln Life Insurance Payouts Jumped 163% In 2021 - YouTube

As these horrific trends continue, the true impact of these Big Pharma multi-billion-dollar profit potions of death will become unequivocally apparent. Biden will get his winter of death, but it won’t be the unvaxxed dying. With 250 million Americans and another 5 billion people around the world having their immune systems weakened by the Big Pharma gene altering money makers, the coming winter months will be problematic for millions of the duped. Expect hospitals to be overwhelmed and the media to remain silent about the true cause. As more children start dying suddenly, retribution against the murderers Fauci, Bourla, Walensky and a passel of pernicious pandemic protagonists will be on the minds of those who have lost children, spouses, and other loved ones.

Anyone expecting the domestic or international environment to improve in the near future are foolish and living in a state of denial. Fourth Turnings have ebbs and flows, but the intensity never diminishes until distinct winners and losers are patently unmistakable. Think Yorktown, Appomattox, and Hiroshima. All three previous American Fourth Turnings ended after all-out war, bloody conflict, and death on a grand scale. There is absolutely nothing going on the world today indicating we are not headed for a similar bloody outcome of death on an epic magnitude.

Biden’s handlers have him conducting a proxy war in the Ukraine against Russia, blowing up their pipelines, bridges, and war ships. Funneling $80 billion, with more on the way, to Zelensky and the most corrupt country on the planet is an act of war. At the same time, Biden’s amateur hour advisors continue to instigate China by actively supporting Taiwan independence. Alienating countries constituting half the population of earth is a recipe for global conflict.

Ukraine: The United States are now fighting a proxy war with Russia - REBEL

The blowing up of the Nordstream pipeline by the U.S. and their U.K. co-conspirators has sentenced Germany to a winter of deprivation and desperation. German citizens will die this winter due to the actions of an American Empire thrashing about in its final death throes of debt, deception, degradation, and denial. This man made global catastrophe of supply chain calamity, raging inflation, energy crisis, and food shortages has been purposefully initiated by malevolent men who treat mankind like pawns in their game of global chess. The global reset is real.

Schwab, Gates, Soros, Obama, Biden, Clinton, and their cohort of Davos billionaires, Wall Street shysters, and satanic legions will stop at nothing to implement their agenda of turning the world into a techno-gulag where they control the population through social credit systems, human microchips, 24/7 surveillance, and central bank digital currencies. The peasants will own nothing and eat bugs, told they are happy under threat of the truncheon, while their overlords fly private jets, eat, and live like kings, owning everything and gleeful at their ability to control the world through psychological and technological manipulation of the willfully ignorant masses.

There's Been a George Soros for Every Era of Anti-Semitic Panic

Domestically, the U.S. is contending with raging inflation, particularly in food, energy, shelter, and medical care – just the things needed by the middle class and poor to live their lives. The reported inflation of 7% to 8% is a lie and everyone knows it, even if they are unaware of the Fed/BLS bullshit “adjustments” which purposely reduce the true level of inflation by 5% to 8%. The manipulation of the data is to hide the truth from the masses.

Inflation is actually higher than it was in the early 1980’s when Volker needed to jack the Fed Funds rate to 18% to tame the raging inflation. Tough guy Powell, described by the feckless mainstream media as the new Volker, currently has the Fed Funds rate at 3.75%. Hysterically, the corrupt politicians and Wall Street cabal are demanding a halt to these “devastating” interest rate increases. And their demands will be met in 2023.

Our empire of debt ($31.2 trillion and rising by $6 billion per day) can’t handle much higher rates. Interest on the national debt was $399 billion in FY22, up from under $300 billion in FY16, and is now on track to exceed $700 billion in FY24. Powell and the Fed are now trapped by their own reckless kowtowing to their Wall Street owners and spineless political hack swamp rats in D.C.

They unleashed this inflationary wave across the globe purposely, while Biden and his handlers have exacerbated it with their green new deal and sanctions on Russian fuel, food, and fertilizer, leading to a looming global disaster on our doorstep. When people in 3rd world countries can’t afford food, they storm presidential palaces and hang their leaders. Revolutions have already begun across the world.

The middle and lower classes in the U.S. have already depleted their savings and maxed out their credit cards. They now need to choose whether they can eat, pay the utility bill, or pay for their prescription. Many have lived above their means, with McMansions “bought” with a $600,000 mortgage, $70,000 vehicles leased or financed over 7 years, and luxurious vacations on one of their 10 credit cards.

The poor didn’t benefit from the good times, but they are bearing the major burden of the food and energy inflation. The chickens have now come home to roost, and the wave of foreclosures, auto repossessions and credit card defaults will begin in earnest this winter as corporations across the land begin laying off millions. The downward spiral has begun and can’t be reversed.

The mid-term elections, which will go on until the democrat party of chaos is able to manufacture enough votes to retain the House, is being used as another psy-op to demoralize the masses, produce more civil strife and chaos, while ensuring the continued destruction of our society by the left-wing radicals relentlessly inflicting their lawless, immoral, communistic agenda upon a nation too cowardly, indoctrinated, and apathetic to fight back. Throughout history the president’s party ALWAYS loses a significant number of seats in the House and Senate during midterm elections.

The Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and Trump all lost a significant number of seats after their 1st two years in office. We have a dementia patient in chief with an approval rating below 40%, the worst inflation in 40 years, 75% of the country saying the country is on the wrong track, and politicians, generals, and media talking heads blustering about nuclear war, but we are being told by our overlords Biden’s party supposedly has picked up a seat in the Senate and has broken even in the House. It’s so laughable only a liberal arts graduate or MSNBC bimbo talking head would believe it.
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Anyone who argues these results were legitimately achieved are either brainless twits or part of the election stealing scheme. The polls, which always skew positively for democrats, showed republicans leading in all the major swing state races. Overall, the republicans received 7% more national votes than they did in 2020, but somehow managed to lose every contested Senate seat and squander most of the contested House seats in swing states.

They are trying to convince me Americans voted for inflation, recession, war, CRT in our schools, gender fluidity, mutilating children, pedophilia, open borders, masking and vaxxing children, lockdowns, mandates, dead guys, and brain damaged commies. That is not what happened. They just used the exact same methods in the key races in the key states they used in 2020 to steal the elections. Why change if it works?

In the State of Florida, which implemented rational voting procedures and limited mail-in ballots, Ron DeSantis, who won in 2018 by 32,000 votes over a black, criminal, drug addict, deviant, won re-election by 1.5 million votes last week. After two years of torturing our children, encouraging murder, rape, robbery, and destroying our economy, the Democrats should have experienced massive losses in the mid-terms.


In my home state of Pennsylvania, the polls showed a clearly brain damaged stroke victim, John Fetterman, losing by 2% to TV doctor Oz after a disastrous debate performance that proved beyond a doubt the guy should be in a medical facility and not in the Senate. He cannot string ten words together in a coherent sentence. In addition to his brain damage, he ran on freeing more criminals onto the killing field streets of Philly, eliminating fracking and coal jobs, and aborting babies up until the time of birth. Somehow this freak ended up winning by 4%, according to those who control the vote count.

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Large Bump On John Fetterman's Neck: 'Keep Your Eyes On This Lump' | The Daily Wire

The mail-in ballot scam used in 2020 due to the “Covid emergency” was kept in place, even though there is no emergency, because that is how Democrats can guarantee victory forever. Over 1.2 million mail-in ballots were cast, with almost 70% from democrats and 20% from republicans. It’s a two-pronged strategy. In the corrupt urban ghettos of Philly and Pittsburgh, the mail-in votes are “harvested” by Soros paid “activists” who fill out the ballots on behalf of the busy crackheads and fentanyl fiends and do mass dumps of ballots into conveniently located lockboxes. Who knows how many vagrants, illegals, and ne’er-do-wells are paid and transported to voting sites in Philly by the democrat machine, in addition to the dead voters casting ballots.

GitHub - arsho/face_detection: Detect human and cat faces of an image

In the suburbs you have the left-wing soccer moms and cat ladies filling out the mail-in ballots for their basement dwelling prodigy too busy gaming and watching porn to actually vote. Fetterman won this mail-in vote by over 500,000 and won the overall election by 234,000. This same formula was duplicated in Georgia, Arizona, New York, Nevada, California, and other Democrat run states. This is why they are desperate to keep Kari Lake from winning in Arizona, as she will dismantle their cheating operation.

Those in control of this entire rigged system, including republicans like McConnell and Graham, don’t want anything to change, as they enrich themselves and their globalist benefactors no matter who is elected/selected. This country and the world have become nothing more than a skimming operation, based on a Ponzi scheme, with the military as enforcers, media as propagandists, and alphabet agencies as the secret police eliminating dissenters. All voting “irregularities” will be met with silence by the captured legacy media and all who question the results will be declared crazy conspiracy theorists by the totalitarians committing the atrocities. The truth doesn’t matter, but silence about the truth does.

Aldous Huxley quote: Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point...

The globalists calling the shots want you demoralized, indebted, fearful, freezing, starving, and angry at each other, as they methodically implement their Great Reset agenda without fear of retribution or even comprehension of what their diabolical scheme entails. The chaos, uncertainty, anger, deviant behavior, and military conflict all dovetail nicely into the waning years of this Fourth Turning.

Domestic conflict which has for the most part played out in the media and political arena thus far, threatens to turn hot, as government agencies and media stoke the flames of discontent, resentment, and rage bubbling just below the surface of our civil society. There is only so far good men can be pushed before they respond with an unanticipated level of violence against their antagonists. Once this response is triggered a grim determination will engulf the land, as a fight to the finish mentality will have been initiated. Men who didn’t ask for this fight will be ready to die for their cause.

The debt, civic decay, and global disorder which catalyzed this Fourth Turning in 2008 have only grown larger and more untenable in 2022. The initial volcanic eruption of the Fed/Wall Street induced global financial crisis continues to flow along the predicted channels of distress. The economic distress is palpable, as raging inflation is destroying the standard of living for most Americans and working people across the globe. Both government and consumer debts are mounting as interest rates are rising. Financial markets have become extremely volatile, with a downward bias.

Recession 2023 - The Great Toy Crash - Heritage Reverse Mortgage

The 2023 recession will trigger much higher unemployment and crashing stock, real estate, and bond markets. This economic tsunami will exacerbate the already intense levels of social distress, as unemployed, broke, and angry Americans turn their wrath on the illegal hordes crossing our border and the politicians encouraging this invasion. Biden’s incessant demagoguery against white MAGA supporters will ultimately achieve the pushback he is instigating, and it won’t be pretty. This absurd woke agenda of glorifying deviancy and abnormality will fall by the wayside as people will be forced to worry about survival as opposed to this trivial nonsense.

The political distress we’ve been experiencing since the 2020 election shows no signs of subsiding. Our governmental institutions have lost all credibility and appearance of serving justice. The FBI and CIA have become the surveillance state arms of the Democrat party, conducting a coup against a sitting president, and falsely imprisoning protestors, journalists, and dissenters from the approved government narrative. The stealing of the last two elections has created animosity on a grand scale between opposing political factions on the local, state, and federal level.

Biden has now twice used a bait and switch maneuver of overstepping his authority and the Constitution. He and his handlers knew a national vaccine mandate was un-Constitutional, but declared it so, and intimidated employers across the country to force a medical procedure on their employees as a requirement of employment. Many were fired and many more have been injured or killed due to this false mandate. The Courts were always going to overturn this executive order, and the tyrants knew it, but did it anyway.

Biden's student loan forgiveness plan left these borrowers behind : NPR

The latest bait and switch came to fruition on the day after the election. What a coincidence. Biden declared he was writing off $500 billion of student loan debt by transferring the burden from gender studies college graduates to plumbers, landscapers, electricians, truck drivers and other hard-working Americans. Pelosi is on tape saying Biden didn’t have the authority, but he did it anyway in a blatant illegal manner to curry the votes of the dumb indoctrinated youth. And it worked. So now that the courts have ruled it un-Constitutional, the dumb remain in debt.

The purposefully instigated feud between Trump and DeSantis is designed to spur further discord in the political arena. This is being cheered on by the left-wing media as they try to destroy republican chances to win the presidency in 2024. The real distress in politics is having a bumbling, senile, child sniffing moron as president, cackling clown as vice president, and a cadre of low IQ seditious boobs in positions of power, all on the puppet strings of Obama, Soros, and their traitorous cabal.

If there has ever been a more recklessly irresponsible and incompetent group of dullards in control of a flailing empire, I would love to know about them. If any group of imbeciles were capable of accidently triggering World War III through sheer hubris, lack of strategic foresight, inability to comprehend the consequences of their actions and sheer madness, it is those currently steering the U.S. Titanic into a global war iceberg of Russia and China. They seem determined to have the American Empire go out with a bang rather than a whimper.

With all the nuclear posturing, supplying weapons to countries provoking Russia and China, ongoing NATO proxy war with Russia, and the Middle East powder keg poised to explode if Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Turkey make the wrong move, the threat of a global conflagration has not been higher since World War II. One misstep by someone could create a cascade of events which could end the world as we know it.

What if Joe Biden wins? It could mean long-term trouble for Democrats |

We are all stuck in this Fourth Turning and there is no escape, except through death. Our society will be reshaped, the death of the existing social order and rebirth of a new social order might be better or worse depending upon the decisions we make as individuals and as a nation. The outcome is unknown and future uncertain. All roads appear to be leading to a real winter of death in 2023.

Most of the squalls which will coalesce into a perfect storm of death and destruction over the next few years have been set in motion and nothing any of us can do on an individual basis can reverse the course of these events. Putting our faith in political figureheads as saviors who will fight our battles is a forlorn hope. Voting has not and will not change the course we are on, which was charted by decisions and choices made since the start of this century. Individual and community efforts at preparation for the coming storm and what follows is all we can do at this point.

As Strauss & Howe cogently point out, history offers no guarantees and things could go horribly wrong in a hurry. Do not be fooled by the narratives being spun by those controlling the media messaging. The stock market going up, GDP being reported as positive, BLS telling you inflation has dropped all the way to 7.7%, Ukraine is winning, vaccines are safe, and our elections are fair and honest, is nothing more than Bernaysian propaganda designed to control and manipulate you. There are bad people doing bad things to the people of this world and only good people can defeat them.

You need to find people you can trust and make plans to help each other through the coming winter of death. Being a loner during a Fourth Turning is not ideal. If you can’t raise your own food, befriend a farmer. Make sure you are sufficiently armed and do not trust anyone from the government or beholden to the government for their living. Become physically and mentally prepared for what is coming. Reduce your taxable footprint and help starve the machine.

Keep everything in perspective and decide what is really important. Biden, Gates, Soros, and Schwab are nothing more than human flesh. They will die and meet their maker, just as we all will. Act as if the decisions and deeds you take in the next few years will determine how your children and their children will view your legacy. Will you make them proud or ashamed? The choice is yours. There is a foreboding chill in the air as the storm clouds gather.

Storm clouds Stock Photos, Royalty Free Storm clouds Images | Depositphotos

“History offers no guarantees. Obviously, things could go horribly wrong – the possibilities ranging from a nuclear exchange to incurable plagues, from terrorist anarchy to high-tech dictatorship. We should not assume that Providence will always exempt our nation from the irreversible tragedies that have overtaken so many others: not just temporary hardship, but debasement and total ruin. Losing in the next Fourth Turning could mean something incomparably worse. It could mean a lasting defeat from which our national innocence – perhaps even our nation – might never recover.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

How to Save the U.S. From a Second Civil War | Time How the Most Populated Cities in the World Would Be Impacted by Nuclear War

“The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning
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11/14/2022 12:36 PM Global Fascism [by ConSigCor]
WEF’s Stakeholder Capitalism Is Just Global Fascism By Another Name,

by Brandon Smith
SurvivalBlog Contributor November 13, 2022

The concept of “fascism” was originally entered into the Encyclopedia Italiana by Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile, who stated that “Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” Benito Mussolini would later take credit for the quote as if he had written it himself, but it’s important to note because it outlines the primary purpose of the ideology rather than simply throwing the label around at people we don’t like as a dishonest means to undermine their legitimacy.

Despite the fact that leftists today often attack conservatives as “fascists” because of our desire to protect national boundaries and western heritage, the truth is that all fascism is deeply rooted in leftist philosophies and thinkers.

Mussolini was a long time socialist, a member of the party who greatly admired Karl Marx. He deviated from the socialists over their desire to remain neutral during WWI, and went on to champion a combination of socialism and nationalism, what we now know as fascism. Adolph Hitler was also a socialist and admirer of Karl Marx, much like Mussolini. It is actually hard to find where Marx, the communists and the fascists actually differ from each other – A deeper sense of nationalism seems to be one of the few points of contention.

Though Marx saw the existence of nation states as temporary to the proletariat and to the ruling class, he noted that the industrialists were erasing national boundaries anyway. Marx argues in the Communist Manifesto with some optimism:

“National differences and antagonisms between peoples are already tending to disappear more and more, owing to the development of the bourgeoisie, the growth of free trade and a world market, and the increasing uniformity of industrial processes and of corresponding conditions of life.”

Marx saw the development of corporate power as useful and the next necessary step towards socialism, noting that joint-stock companies (corporations) and the credit system are:

“The abolition of the capitalist mode of production within the capitalist mode of production itself.”

In other words, corporations are viewed as a tool for the eventual transition to a socialist “Utopia” and the death of free markets. Once again, we see there is very little difference in motive between the political left and the fascists. The natural progression of every form of Marxism, communism, socialism, fascism etc. all ultimately lead to a kind of globalist ideology and erasure of cultural separation. The methods might differ slightly but the end result is the same. Some think this is a good thing, but it is actually quite poisonous.

Globalism requires an overarching social dynamic, a single hive mind, otherwise it cannot survive. If people have the ability to choose or create better options (or different options) for living then globalism loses significance. The existence of choice has to be erased. This is a behavior that the political left has fully embraced and they are more than happy to work hand-in-hand with corporate oligarchs to make their ideal system a reality. Long gone are the days of the anti-corporate progressive – They LOVE corporate dominance, but only if those companies promote and enforce leftist models for society.

Mussolini’s fascism is at the root of the very corporate governance that leftists applaud and lust after today. They have far more in common with fascists than they realize.

The new fascism is a re-branded philosophy best represented by something called “Stakeholder Capitalism.” It is a term often used by globalists at the World Economic Forum and the head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab. The media friendly definition of Stakeholder Capitalism is:

A form of capitalism in which companies do not only optimize short-term profits for shareholders, but seek long term value creation, by taking into account the needs of all their stakeholders, and society at large.

But who are “all stakeholders” in the opinion of the WEF?

Well, according to Klaus Schwab they are all of human civilization, now and in the future. In other words, the goal of SHC is for corporate leaders and globalist bureaucracy to take responsibility for the entire world, not just their own employees, shareholders and profits. And such leaders would not be acting as individuals, they would be acting as a collective. In other words, SHC requires all major corporations to act as a single unit with a single purpose and a unified collectivist ideology – An ideological monopoly.

A One-Minute WEF Video: Stakeholder Capitalism – Benioff – It works.

As Klaus Schwab states:

“The most important characteristic of the stakeholder model today is that the stakes of our system are now more clearly global. Economies, societies, and the environment are more closely linked to each other now than 50 years ago. The model we present here is therefore fundamentally global in nature, and the two primary stakeholders are as well.

…What was once seen as externalities in national economic policy making and individual corporate decision making will now need to be incorporated or internalized in the operations of every government, company, community, and individual. The planet is thus the center of the global economic system, and its health should be optimized in the decisions made by all other stakeholders.”

The SHC concept is deceptive on its very face because it pretends as if corporations will be held accountable by the public within some form of “business democracy,” as if the public will have a vote on what the corporations do. In reality, it will be corporations telling the public what is acceptable to think and do and corporations in conjunction with governments using their power to punish people who do not agree.

The great magic trick is that these same unified corporations use the shield of “private property” and business rights as a means to control society without repercussions. After all, a primary principle of conservatism and the US constitution is private property rights. So, stepping in to disrupt corporate governance would be violating one of our own beloved ideals. It sounds like a Catch-22, but it’s really not.

As mentioned above, corporations are at their very core a socialist concept: They are created through government charter, handed legal personhood and given special protections from government. They are not free market entities, and Adam Smith, the originator of most free market ideals, stood against corporations as destructive and prone to monopoly.

As long as they receive protections from government including monetary stimulus and bailouts, corporations should not enjoy the same private property protections as regular businesses do. They are parasitic creations, alien to the natural business world. In a freedom-based society they would be dismantled to prevent authoritarian outcomes.

Stakeholder Capitalism is also an incredibly arrogant premise because it assumes that corporate leaders have the wisdom or objective intelligence to expand their role beyond business and into social and political spheres. This has already happened in many respects with much chaos created, but open corporate governance is the end game and it is anything but objective or benevolent.

What are some examples of this kind of corporate/political governance (fascism) in action?

How about Big Tech social media censorship leaning heavily against conservatives and liberty activists? How about evidence of collusion between Big Tech companies and government, such as the Biden Administration and the DHS working closely with Twitter and Facebook to actively remove voices and viewpoints they don’t like? How about corporate leaders colluding to destroy conservative based social media competitors like Parler?

How about ESG loans funded by corporate backers such as Blackrock or globalist non-profits like the Rockefeller Foundation?

If all corporate lenders applied ESG to their loan practices, all individuals and businesses would have to adopt leftist social ideologies and dubious environmental claims in order to have access to credit. ESG is a monetary incentive created by corporate elites to keep all other businesses in line. If it continues, ESG could wipe out political opposition to globalism in the span of a single generation.

And, what about the Council For Inclusive Capitalism? This is the most blatant expression of open global fascism I have ever seen, with money elites and politicians working in concert with the UN and even religious leaders like Pope Francis. Their goal is to institute a single centralized world governing platform built around the same agendas outlined in ESG and SHC, making corporations members of a new global council which they refer to as “The Guardians.” They aren’t even trying to hide the conspiracy anymore, it’s right out in the open.

Klaus Schwab takes special care to mention often that global crisis events are the “opportunity” that is needed to push the public into the arms of Stakeholder Capitalism through a nexus point called “The Great Reset.” Meaning, he thinks that widespread fear and desperation must exist (or be engineered) to perpetuate the SHC framework quickly.

Obviously, the globalists are on a shrinking timeline, though it’s hard to say why. They are tearing off the mask faster in the past two years than they have in the previous decade. More than likely they understand to some degree that if they go too slow the public will have time to mount a defense against them.

They will conjure all kinds of distractions and scapegoats to prevent liberty-minded people from hitting them back. They’ll aim us at Russia, they’ll aim us at China, they’ll aim us at useful idiots among the leftists. They’ll aim Russia, China and the leftists at us. They will try to send us to war, they will call us insurrectionists, they will call us terrorists, they will say we started the whole collapse and that we are to blame for the world’s ills. None of this matters. What matters is that the globalists at the top pay the price for the harm they cause.

When the head of the snake is removed, only then can we sort out who is to blame; who were the heroes, who were the villains, and who were the idiots. Only then can we rebuild with true freedom in mind.
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