06/30/2020 04:14 AM SOCIAL MEDIA DISTANCING [by ConSigCor]


I don’t know if you are paying attention but the Cancel Culture has declared war on social media and they are now utilizing the mob powers to pressure big companies to pull advertising support from social media platforms who they feel are the biggest offenders when it comes to hate speech and allowing for political dissent.

The growing number of companies that are pausing ads on Facebook in response to the social media giant’s handling of hate speech and violence is starting to have a notable effect on the company’s share price.

Verizon pulled their advertising from Facebook.

Unilever is a company that is an umbrella for several products that has now boycotted Facebook, creating a 7 billion dollar loss.

Other companies like REI, Patagonia, North Face, Eddie Bauer, , Upwork, and Unilever’s Ben & Jerry’s have also joined the boycott.

“Based on the current polarization and the election that we are having in the U.S., there needs to be much more enforcement in the area of hate speech,” said Luis Di Como, Unilever’s executive vice president of global media, in an interview.

“Continuing to advertise on these platforms at this time would not add value to people and society,” the company said in a statement. Its Facebook ban also will cover Instagram.

Mr. Di Como said Unilever would like to see a reduction in the level of hate speech on the platforms and wants independent companies to measure and confirm that progress has been made. As Fortune reports, the movement was launched last week by advocacy groups including the Anti-Defamation League, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and Common Sense Media.

They asked businesses to pause their advertising on Facebook in July to send a “powerful message”:

“Your profits will never be worth promoting hate, bigotry, racism, antisemitism, and violence.”

Coca Cola said Friday that it will be removing its millions of dollars in advertising from all social media platforms completely for the next 30 days. The company said the move is not part of the growing number of advertisers boycotting Facebook over its content moderation policies, but “time to reassess our advertising policies to determine whether revisions are needed.”

I don’t think I believe that but oh well – the Cancel Culture is getting tougher.

This is corporate virtue signaling and analysts claim it won’t really put a dent in anything

However, to ignore this strike is an ignorant and dangerous thing especially when you are a high profile entity that is seen as controversial – social media, and even online publishers which includes bloggers, YouTube producers and podcasts.

People like me, and others who are doing some of the same material.

The avalanche has started now and remember “silence is violence” is the new normal, so if you’re a CEO who advertises on Facebook, how do you not boycott now?

As much as people want to see Facebook go down in flames, the movements for big companies to pull money because of political views sets a very dangerous precedent.

While at the moment that focus of these boycotts is on Mark Zuckerberg’s bank account, the other people who make their living off of putting the government in check are suffering as well.

When they came for Alex Jones, the media cheered but I could see what was happening and immediately felt like a deer in the headlights—I knew that eventually I had to create a safe space.

So I built a library to save my content and invited listeners to join.

However, now I am seeing a trend and it is getting a bit harder to get information out to people that is outside the framed narrative of the legacy media.

GAB, a news service on the internet was recently blacklisted by Visa for allegedly promoting hate speech.

Zero Hedge and The Federalist had their comment sections censored by Google, and VDARE is getting banned by their domain registrar. All of this is coordinated. It’s targeted.

President Trump has done nothing and Congress won’t either – they can’t legislate what businesses do with their money.

No one is coming to save them and no one is coming to save you.

It’s on all of us to save ourselves.

The millions of people acting without moral restraint, without reason and without fear of consequences on the Internet are the problem. Indeed, the digital mob is the unintended consequence of the Internet itself. Connecting the world via technology was supposed to encourage communication, understanding and a breaking down of barriers. Instead it has resulted in a world divided into silos, special interests, identity groups. We tend to seek out those we have the most in common with and to block, ban or troll those who are unlike us. We feel safety in numbers, and from that safety is often bred outright contempt for those who think differently. Though we must live side by side with people in our families, our workplaces and our schools who have diverse points of view, we are under no such obligation online, where unfriending is much easier than “un-neighboring.”

That has emboldened people to be the loudest, harshest, most vulgar voice in their group. Such uncivil behavior can bring fame and money. And yes, praise. Target and shame those who violate your group’s ideological dogma, and you will be echoed, retweeted, and revered. But if you dare to defend the person or institution under attack, if you ask for forbearance or forgiveness, you will be the next target.

I know that many of you that participate in social media have posted something that is controversial about what is happening in the world. Anything from COVID-19, to the defunding of the police, to memes that poke fun at politicians.

While you think that what you are doing is important and that the information you are passing around is unique and a different view on the world, social media has a different view and so you are shadow banned without warning. You are silenced because of fact checking or worse you wind up in Facebook jail.

You think, this is an outrage, I have my First Amendment rights and they just silenced me.

Let’s say that you express yourself by making videos and submitting them to you tube. People hit the like button on your video, your hits are growing exponentially. Someone suggests that you monetize your video. You think, sure I will make a few bucks and be the next “Chocolate Rain” guy. You Tube doesn’t like something you said or you used a song or music that has a very stringent copyright on it.

For a long time now this has been happening and it has reduced all social media into becoming a homogenized mish-mash of political jabs and “Trump Sucks” memes.

Twitter admits that it removes half of all “abusive” tweets pro-actively. This is now done by automated algorithms with little possibility of a successful appeal.

Facebook has its censorship too, as do most of the other social media out there. They use similar Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do so, at a much faster pace and a cheaper cost than human content judgement. The problem is, that content is judged with the biases of the media companies, not always based on what is legal expression.

When first appearing on the scene a little after the turn of the millennium, they were advertised as the free public forums of the internet. Now they claim they can filter your content if they don’t like it.

This is forcing what I call Digital Yards, meaning that in order to escape being attacked or ignored, you have to create your own digital yard in order to social distance yourself from social media.

For example, if you were to compare Facebook to a public park, and at that public park you could do everything except drinking beer, putting a pig on spit and naked volleyball you could say that you understand why a public park would not want that.

But if you were to set up the same activities in your own yard with big walls to not offend the neighbors, what would you rather do?

I am sure that you would choose to have your own yard to play in where you can invite people that you know would not be offended by having a rowdy luau with clothing optional.

As we are heading for a “new reset” the idea of inviting people to your own digital yard is going to be happening a lot more.

The only problem with having your own digital yard is that eventually it will not escape the bots of the elite that wish to demand that you pay to have your own internet property.

So if you really want to have your own digital yard you eventually will have to pay protection money from electronic cartels that will monitor what is happening.

At the moment, the policing of the electronic yards is virtually nonexistent. That could also change as authorities in other countries are very nosy when they see attempts by people to do this.

The Bill of Rights is the only glue that exists to keep you afloat, and some countries are still somewhat adhering to the open internet like Canada.

Other countries without our Bill of Rights usually censor every packet of data entering and leaving, with respect to localized political and cultural biases. Tourists must often let all their electronics be searched for local digital infractions. America and a few small nations are all that stands for an open internet. Even then it’s pretty clear that the NSA monitors all US-bound international traffic (like if you use a VPN or Proxy not in the US, or visit a foreign website even – all legal for them). Even then the NSA may be using other countries’ intelligence officials to monitor domestic traffic.

People who have now realized that it is time to make their own digital yards are finding that it is costly, and a slow process with some glitches in the process.

This is why we made our move to our own private yard. The reason we did this is because we felt it would be a lot easier for the listener to join our private club, use our library, watch our videos, listen to our music and montages, and having their own social chats without having to jump through too many hoops.

Many people may see this as a hassle, some do not like the pay wall but in the end a $4.99 fee to come play in our online club will be a far cry from what they want to impose with the new reset.

I had to make the move because of what I see as a worse case scenario online where I would lose 25 years of my hard work and not have anything to show for it.

The new global reset is going to affect the internet in many ways.

It may require an ID, and it will keep a log of which websites you frequent that are recorded, separately taxed based on server locations, checked on a digital passport and filtered where applicable. Many of them will be flagged and you could be under the radar for the sites that are deemed radical or controversial.

That’s a worst-case scenario, but within the possibility in the new normal.

I realized after giving away my material for 25 years, I would go broke and my show would slowly fade away and all my hard work would go away with me leaving me no legacy for my family or the listeners.

The ability to use the net to go anywhere, learn anything, buy things, and speak out, is what brings explosive growth and wealth to all who embrace it. Even to those that merely provide the goods and services that people want. The internet is mostly capitalist, and a shining example of what that means for all. The ability to speak freely on all non-criminal speech is a precursor to a beneficial network infrastructure. Where it is stifled, so are people.

Censors can behave in unpredictable, arbitrary, and impulsive ways and no one has a sufficient monopoly on truth to serve as philosopher king over speech and debate.

When I read double-think statements from the progressives that “intolerance will not be tolerated” I have to stop down and ask, are people really that thick that they can’t see that the justice warriors are just making it up as they go along and that the cancel culture is going to eventually shut down any and all things that they do not agree with?

Are most people just going to bitch and moan about how their freedom of speech has been violated when they are seeing just how arbitrary it all is?

I decided I was done – I decided that I no longer needed platforms like Soundcloud demonetizing my efforts and demanding that I pay them so that my listeners can download enmasse.

I have noticed the utter failure of previous social-justice censorship regimes.

Now I am seeing that those who believe in this global reset are mainly progressive people in a room and they are there to socially engineer the marketplace of ideas.

They are banking on the idea that using the excuse of hate speech, or fringe thinking as an excuse to boycott will push social media like Facebook to take out the trash.

But that means they also want to filter out controversial ideas – when it would be better to have a safe yard to play in where administrators can curate their own feeds.

In a paid yard or club environment you avoid the hassles of big corporate entities muscling in on a speech environment that they don’t feel fits their ideals. It is not about making money – it is about selling to people who agree with your so called values.

This why that in the midst of the boycott culture there are companies that are opening their wallets because they are paying protection money in order to avoid having their metaphorical windows smashed by the Internet mob.

Rather than risk being targeted by the mob, corporations such as The Home Depot and Walmart have gladly and unabashedly donated to Black Lives Matter out of fear of reprisal. Other companies have been forced to rethink their brand names like Eskimo Pie, Aunt Jemima, and Uncle Ben’s Rice.

It is also why almost all of our elected leaders, many of whom took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, are silent about the assault on our history, our economy and our future. They don’t want to look racist, or insensitive, and if they come for you on social media and assault your character where are you going to hide when it all heats up?

You would have to retreat to your own digital yard where you are the master of your domain.

If Facebook or Instagram wants to be family-friendly, it can apply the kind of constitutionally valid decency rules that govern broadcast media. If a social-media platform wants to be more edgy like Twitter, it can warn users that, for example, pornographic content is permitted. But in any case, the cardinal principle should be a viewpoint of neutrality.

But what should be is not what is and it won’t be as long as the Cancel Culture forces boycotts on social media and dictating speech by bankrupting online platforms that they do not agree with on a political level.
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06/26/2020 04:13 PM Crime Rate through the roof [by ConSigCor]

Gun Violence Is Up 358% In NYC Amid Calls To Defund Police

Violent crime has also spiked in Democrat run cities including Chicago and Minneapolis

By Steve Watson | Friday, June 26, 2020

Gun violence is up 358% in New York City since June 2019 as police are being stripped of resources in Democrat run cities nationwide.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that “It has been nearly a quarter century since New York City experienced as much gun violence in the month of June as it has seen this year.”

The report states that the city “logged 125 shootings in the first three weeks of the month, more than double the number recorded over the same period last year,” according to police data.

Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri noted that one would have to scour the records “back to 1996 to have a worse start of June.”

The explosion in gun violence dovetails with the disbanding of NYPD anti-crime units, a decision that means around 600 plainclothes officers will be taken off targeted raids and reassigned.

In addition, Democrat imposed “reforms” have meant that around 40% of people arrested on gun possession charges were released without bail in the past year.

“Shooting and murders are both climbing steadily upward, but our city leaders have decided that proactive policing isn’t a priority anymore,” noted Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association:

These aren’t stats,they’re people: 24 shooting victims on Sat, 7 more victims on Sun, a total of 74 NYers shot this past week. @NYCMayor & @NYCCouncil have decided that POs shouldn’t proactively get guns off the street. They will have to answer to families

— NYC PBA (@NYCPBA) June 22, 2020

Figures also show that other Democrat run cities including Chicago and Minneapolis have experienced a massive uptick in gun violence.

Despite the crime spike, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed a resolution to replace the police department with a “community-led public safety system.”

So far that isn’t working out great for the city, which has seen a rampant increase in crime and the formation of a 300+ person tent city drug den in the affluent Powderhorn Park area.

The New York Times notes that residents in the area vowed not to call police to handle incidents of violence or potential violence, and instead said they would rely on “a community service organization”.

Meanwhile, Democrats this week blocked a procedural motion by Republicans to condemn the Defund the Police movement, as well as denounce “violence and the creation of autonomous zones.”

🚨🚨 Democrats just BLOCKED a vote on @RepGregSteube‘s resolution that calls for:
• Justice for George Floyd
• Condemns violence & rioting
• Prevents defunding of police

— Mark Bednar (@MarkBednar) June 25, 2020

“Our resolution strongly opposes what I think is one of the craziest public policy proposals I have ever seen: this idea that we’re going to defund the police,” noted House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH).

“If we allow this defund the police concept to happen, to take root and to actually take place it will not only be tough for police officers but the communities they serve, what will happen there? It’s frightening.” Jordan added.
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06/26/2020 02:12 PM Clock is Ticking [by ConSigCor]

Why Every Person In America Needs To Become A Prepper During The Second Half Of 2020

All of human history has been building up to this point, and we are so fortunate to be living during this moment

By Michael Snyder | End Of The American Dream Friday, June 26, 2020

It has been on my heart to write this article for a few days, but I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to write.

2020 has already been one of the worst years in modern U.S. history, and it looks like the next six months are going to be extremely challenging as well.

But even though most Americans are expecting that things will return to “normal” in 2021 and beyond, the truth is that the “perfect storm” that we are witnessing is only in the very early stages.

All of the old cycles are ending, all of the bubbles are bursting, and we are starting to experience the consequences of decades of incredibly foolish decisions.

Owen breaks down how the MSM is ignoring the science that proves face masks are not the solution to COVID.

So even though the remaining months of 2020 will be chaotic, the truth is that things are going to get progressively worse as the years move along.

That means that you should use this period of time to prepare for what is ahead of us, because at some point the window of opportunity to prepare will be closed for good.

COVID-19 should have been a wake up call for all of us. Lockdowns were implemented very suddenly once the virus started to spread in the U.S., and shortages of key items began to happen. To this day, many retailers are still limiting the number of items that you can buy in certain categories. Hopefully this has helped people to understand that if you have not stocked up in advance, you may not be able to go out and get what you need when a major crisis strikes.

During the initial stages of this pandemic, a lot of people ended up being stuck at home without enough supplies. In the event of a truly historic emergency, you can certainly survive without toilet paper, but if you run out of food you could find yourself in big trouble quite quickly.

The good news is that COVID-19 is not going to kill us all. About half a million people around the world have died so far, and the final death toll will be a lot lower than the tens of millions that died during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to 1920.

But if our society was extremely ill-prepared for a pandemic of this nature, what is going to happen when a pandemic that is much more severe hits us?

Scientists assure us that it is just a matter of time before a killer plague sweeps across the planet, and the Bible tells us that there will be “pestilences” in the last days. If you find yourself isolated at home for an extended period of time as millions of others are dying from a virus, will you be able to survive on what you have already stored up?

If not, you need to get to work.

Big economic problems are ahead as well. So far in 2020, more than 47 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits, more than 100,000 businesses have permanently closed their doors, and it is being projected that U.S. GDP will decline by 46.6 percent on an annualized bases during the second quarter. Those are absolutely disastrous numbers, but so far trillions of dollars of emergency government spending has helped to ease the pain.

But those emergency measures were only meant to get us through a few months, and it is now becoming clear that this new economic depression will be with us for a very long time to come.

Of course deteriorating economic conditions will fuel even more civil unrest. We have seen rioting, looting, arson and violence in city after city, and much more civil unrest is on the horizon.

If you live in one of our major urban areas, you may want to move while you still can. Due to a huge surge in demand, property prices in the most desirable small towns and rural areas are already starting to go through the roof.

On top of everything else, food shortages are starting to occur all over the globe. According to the head of the UN, we are on the verge of seeing “unimaginable devastation and suffering around the world”…

The U.N. chief on Thursday warned the largest gathering of world leaders since the coronavirus pandemic began that it will cause “unimaginable devastation and suffering around the world,” with historic levels of hunger and famine and up to 1.6 billion people unable to earn a living unless action is taken now.

Giant swarms of locusts the size of major cities are devouring crops in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, African Swine Fever has already killed about one-fourth of all the pigs in the entire world, and crazy weather patterns have been playing havoc with crop production all over the planet.

And now on top of everything else COVID-19 is greatly disrupting food distribution systems all over the world.

We have never seen so many severe threats to global food production occur simultaneously, and the Bible clearly tells us that there will be “famine” in the last days.

Meanwhile, a major war could erupt in the Middle East at any moment. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he will begin the process of annexing portions of Judea and Samaria in July, and Israel’s Arab neighbors have promised a very forceful response if that actually happens.

The region has constantly been on the precipice of war for years, and this could potentially be the trigger that finally causes it to happen.

If everything that I have discussed so far wasn’t enough, the planet that we all live on is becoming increasingly unstable. We have witnessed a number of very alarming earthquakes this week, and a truly catastrophic event could literally happen at any moment.

As my regular readers already know, I am particularly concerned about seismic activity on the west coast and about the potential for a historic earthquake along the New Madrid fault zone.

But even considering everything that I just shared with you, there is no other time in human history that I would have rather been alive than right now.

All of human history has been building up to this point, and we are so fortunate to be living during this moment.

However, it is going to be exceedingly difficult to thrive during the historic events that are ahead if you have not made any preparations for what is coming.

I realize that things may seem very chaotic now, but the truth is that this is your window of opportunity to prepare.

I would take full advantage of that opportunity, because the clock is ticking.
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06/23/2020 04:18 PM It’s a disgrace [by ConSigCor]

VIDEO: D.C. Police Save Statue Of Andrew Jackson, Repel And Arrest BLM Rioters

"Old Hickory" saved by riot police, unruly vandals taken into custody.

By National File Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Police in Washington, D.C. have successfully thwarted the efforts of Black Lives Matter rioters to desecrate a statue of President Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson in Lafayette Square Monday.

Throughout the country, statues and historical monuments have been toppled and destroyed by political vandals with no resistance from police. A man in New Mexico shot a vandal who attacked him with a skateboard after police seemed reluctant to defend a local statue of a Spanish conquistador.

In the district of Columbia, vandals seemed to expect a similar lack of response from law enforcement when they converged in a mob on the 168-year-old statue of Jackson in Lafayette Park.

Francis Scott Key — the story behind the man & the lyrics of the National Anthem BLM love to hate

The crowd spray painted “KILLER” on the base of the statue, then attached ropes to and seemed on the verge of toppling it, before police arrived on the scene.

A contingent of riot police repelled the rioters and cleared out the area surrounding the park, weathering verbal taunts and abuse from the crowd.

The ropes fastened around the likeness of the United States’ seventh President, and several rioters were arrested.

Several BLM-affiliated groups also tried to set up an illegal “Black House Autonomous Zone” outside the White House and the area surrounding the Jackson statues. These efforts also appear to have been thwarted by police.

Another famous U.S. President, Teddy “Bull Moose” Roosevelt, has come under fire from BLM, with the American Museum of Natural History caving to pressure to remove a statue of Roosevelt for unspecified accusations of racism.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson weighed in on the efforts to remove the Roosevelt statue on Monday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” stating, “Teddy Roosevelt was a hero to millions of Americans, he still is. That’s precisely why they’re tearing down his statue. They know that if they can force you to watch as they topple your heroes, they have won. There is nothing they can’t do next.”

Nassau County in New York took a firm stand after the American Museum of Natural History’s announcement Monday, stating that Nassau County’s own statue of Roosevelt “will stay right where it stands.”

DC Police Tear Gas BLM Rioters Attempting To Topple Andrew Jackson Statue

BLM, Antifa tried and failed to establish a 'Black House Autonomous Zone'

Trump Vows To Issue Executive Order To Force Cities To “Guard Their Monuments”

"This is a disgrace.”

Image Credits: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images.
By Steve Watson | Tuesday, June 23, 2020

In the wake of ongoing attempts by mobs nation-wide to destroy statues they deem to be ‘racist’, President Trump has vowed to issue an executive order that would force cities to protect monuments.

Trump made the comment in an interview Monday, stating “You saw Ulysses S. Grant, where they want to take him down. He’s the one that stopped the ones that everybody dislikes so much. It’s a disgrace.”

“Also, remember, some of this is great artwork. This is magnificent artwork, as good as there is anywhere in the world, as good as you see in France, as good as you see anywhere.” Trump added.

“It’s a disgrace. Most of these people don’t even know what they’re taking down.” the President urged.

When asked “Is there anything you can do?” by the interviewer, Trump replied “We’re going to do an executive order, and we’re going to make the cities guard their monuments. This is a disgrace.”

Trump’s comments dovetail with a warning he issued last night to violent protesters who tried and failed to bring down a statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square adjacent to the White House.

“Ten years in prison under the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act,” Trump wrote, adding “Beware!”
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06/21/2020 10:39 PM Luciferian March For World Government’ [by ConSigCor]
This is going beyond stupid.

‘Luciferian March For One World Government’: Satanic Group Organizes Nationwide Rallies Promoting New World Order
Group reportedly considers erecting Satanic monuments in place of toppled American history statues

By Jamie White | INFOWARS.COM Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Satanic group is organizing an international march on behalf of The Fallen One to call for the globalists’ dream of a One World Government.

Yes, really.

The group, who call themselves The Disciples Of Lucifer, has a Facebook page showing a list of 22 cities where the “Luciferian March For A One World Government” will take place this Sunday — and on the Summer Solstice no less.

“We are the Disciples of Lucifer and we are here to fulfill the Prophecies of Revelations and build a foundation to form a One World Government,” the group’s Facebook page states.

The Satanic marches are set to be held in major cities like Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and New York City, but also smaller cities like Columbus, Raleigh, Jacksonville, and even Canadian cities like Toronto.

“The marches are intended to create chaos and it has been speculated by some that demonstrators may even try to erect satanic monuments at existing sites where Confederate and other allegedly racist statues have been torn down,” Intellihub reported last week.

Christian YouTuber Hannah Williamson sounded the alarm about the event on Saturday.

“Why would Satanic people want a One World Government? One reason I think the Devil would want One World Government is it would be so much easier to control people, and get to people and tear people down,” Williamson said, adding that the Book of Revelations mentions a One World Government system.

The rallies, which appear to be reasonably unpopular given the Facebook RSVPs to the events, are happening the same day as the Summer Solstice, which is an important date for LaVeyan Satanism.

Is it any surprise that Satanic groups are promoting world government along with their corporate and Deep State masters?
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