03/27/2020 09:31 PM We're All Getting Free Money! [by airforce]
Well, maybe. There wasn't a quorum present when the House passed it, so the bill Trump signed may be invalid. Could a court case be filed? Maybe.

In any event, don't be in too much of a hurry to book a cruise, or do anything else with all that money we're supposedly getting around the middle of April. Economic conditions are very likely to get worse before they get better, and you may well need that money. I'm not spending a dime of it until I actually have it in my freshly-washed-with-soap-and-watter-for-20-seconds hands.

When it does come, I'll have a couple suggestions on what to do with it. (HINT: One of them involves the yellow "DONATE" button at the bottom of this page.) But let's just wait and see how things are when that time comes.

Onward and upward,
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03/25/2020 01:46 PM Run to the hills [by ConSigCor]

California City Dwellers Fleeing To Deserts And Mountains

by NC Scout | Mar 25, 2020 |

It seems like there’s a lot of people waking up to the reality that there’s some serious pitfalls to urban living. From the LA Times, it looks like a lot of Californians are heading for the hills and deserts to get away from the areas most impacted by the Chinese COVID-19.

As the coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip on California’s largest cities, some residents are fleeing urban sprawl and seeking shelter in isolated communities in the Mojave Desert or rugged Sierra Nevada. Their hope, they say, is to avoid possible public unrest and limit their exposure to the virus.

Well, they’re not wrong for recognizing that something is wrong. Any port in a storm, I guess, but are these newfound preppers genuine or are they just looking to take advantage of relocation and bring all their baggage with them or do they recognize that the very idiocy they readily accept in California has, in large part, caused the resultant issues? My guess is probably not.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Thursday night that residents were forbidden from moving to or from vacation homes outside the city, along with a number of other health and safety restrictions aimed at fighting contagion.

Forbidden from moving to a vacation home? Is this guy serious? Is this America? No, its the People’s Republic Of Chinafornia. Who the hell put this man in charge of anything? Probably the same people who allowed the quarantined passengers off the cruise ship and called the travel ban from China ‘xenophobic’. And these same people want to move outside their playpen. On second thought, I agree with the LA mayor. Remain in place.

Aside from the obvious, having these locusts leave their containment zone presents a number of problems. Rural California has a low population for a reason- they don’t have water. And if that resource is already under strain due to the very reasons they left, these new hipster transplants are going to find themselves in a world of hurt in a hurry. Let alone the meth heads holed up in places like Victorville. Small town America immediately knows who’s not from there, and usually the locals don’t like you. Nothing personal, just the way it is. So what of it? Are these newfound hipster preppers going to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, the same one they always preach about?

“As soon as the coronavirus pandemic clears up,” she added with a smile, “I’m leaving town.”

Looks like the answer is no.

Heaven forbid this thing gets worse than it is. These people can’t even deal with minor inconvenience, let alone their own survival.
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03/22/2020 09:54 PM NJ Bans All Firearms Transfers [by ConSigCor]

NJ Essentially Bans All Firearms Transfers

by Patriotman | Mar 22, 2020 |

From our friends over at the Firearm Blog, they have an interesting story involving Governor Murphy and New Jersey. As you may or may not know, Governor Murphy passed legislation early in his term to force all private sales of firearms to have a background check. This includes both handguns and long guns. Governor Murphy’s newest Executive Order, Executive Order 107, directed all non-essential retail businesses to close. As part of this order, the State Police NICS team was included. From the NICS portal website:

On Saturday March 21, 2020, Governor Phil Murphy announced he is putting New Jersey in lockdown to combat the spread of coronavirus. Per Executive Order 107, he is ordering the residents of New Jersey to stay home, directing all non-essential retail businesses closed to the public. At this time, the order includes New Jersey Firearms State Licensed Dealers. The New Jersey State Police NICS Unit is directing the vendor of the NICS Online Application (NICUSA) to turn off the NICS Online Services for submitting NICS transactions by eliminating the “Request Form” button, effective 9:00pm EST, Saturday, March 21, 2020. You will still have the ability to view the message board and the status of previously submitted transactions. This “Request Form” feature will remain off until further order by Governor Murphy.

As The Firearm Blog noted:

By executive order, the Governor of New Jersey has shutdown the NICS Check system that allows for the sale and transfer of firearms in the state. The NICS check shutdown effectively eliminates all commercial and private transfers of firearms in New Jersey. In addition, judicial processes in the state have been basically frozen, limiting proceedings to critical needs only. Any possible legal challenges to the NICS check system closure in a time of a “non-essential business shutdown” appears to be impossible.

It is quite clear that, at a time when millions of Americans are feeling scared and uncertain about the future and wish to obtain protection for themselves and their families, Governor Murphy has decided to leave them vulnerable. Given his clear anti-gun agenda, there is no doubt that he is exploiting this crisis in order to further degrade the already heavily-infringed Second Amendment rights of New Jerseyians. Considering that a “stand down” order was essentially given to Law Enforcement in Philadelphia and the likelihood that a similar order would be issued in New Jersey, this Governor has failed his citizens and left them in a degraded security position.

Tyranny is afoot, ladies and gentlemen. The government – right on cue – is going to take advantage of this crisis to further their dictatorial tendencies.

Keep your training up, your PT moving, and your powder dry.
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03/21/2020 07:27 PM Lockdown: Coming to a city near you [by ConSigCor]

Army Deploys To New York As NYC Reports 1 Coronavirus Death Per Hour On Friday
Comes after Navy dispatches hospital ship and President Trump formally approves FEMA aid to help with outbreak

By Zero Hedge Saturday, March 21, 2020

For nearly a week now, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been begging the White House or the Pentagon to send in the Army Corp of Engineers to quickly transform existing businesses into coronavirus hospitals where patients from the impending surge can be isolated and treated.

If the state doesn’t quickly make up for its twin shortages of hospital beds and medical equipment, Cuomo warned, it could lead to thousands of preventable deaths.

Now, a few days after President Trump and Defense Secretary Mark Esper dispatched a Navy hospital ship to New York to help with the outbreak, President Donald Trump formally approved FEMA aid to the state late Friday night after declaring New York the nation’s first “major disaster area” since the start of the national outbreak.

Billions of dollars in emergency funding are now available to help combat the outbreak in the state, FEMA said in a statement.

“Federal funding is also available to state, tribal, and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency protective measures,” FEMA said in a statement.

President Trump’s national emergency declaration earlier this month activated FEMA, and made a pot of $42 billion in disaster-relief funds available.

The decision comes after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed that his city has become the epicenter of the national outbreak, as public health authorities in the city counted at least one coronavirus-linked death per hour on Friday.

Between just 10 am and 6 pm, 14 people in NYC died from the virus, raising the death toll in America’s largest city to 43. It was the first time NYC’s daily death toll hit double-digits.

NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot warned on Saturday morning that double-digit increases in deaths may become the new normal for New Yorkers, for at least a time.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to a day when we have double-digits new people dying every day,” she said at a City Hall press conference Friday afternoon.

“With more and more cases confirmed here each day, it’s imperative that the federal government does everything within its power to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus.”

In another rare moment of political unity, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer praised the president’s decision.

Pres. Trump just approved a major disaster declaration for New York to fight coronavirus.

Sen. @GillibrandNY and I pushed for this!

FEMA needs to get to work NOW to open these MANY billions in direct aid for New York and individuals to help save lives and protect public health.

— Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) March 20, 2020

Yesterday, Cuomo ordered 100% of the state’s workforce to stay home, effective Sunday evening. Only essential businesses are allowed to stay open. And that’s not a request, that’s an order.

“These are not helpful hints…they will be enforced,” as Cuomo said during his Friday press conference, as we reported.

The latest data show 8,299 confirmed cases in New York State. And as the state runs out of hospital beds and precious ventilators, Trump is sending in the military, which is now working on plans to takeover hotels, college dormitories and sports arenas and turn them into ICU-like medical facilities, as the Daily Mail reports.

According to the latest federal data, at least 19,624 people have been diagnosed with the virus, and at least 260 deaths have been recorded. So far, 147 people have recovered. Globally, there have been at least 275,000 diagnosed cases and more than 11,000 coronavirus-related deaths.

In other news, Switzerland reported another batch of new cases, bringing its total to 6,100 infections and 56 deaths.

As the global panic deepens, and the number of cases continues to multiply at an alarming rate, more officials are calling for the 2020 Tokyo Games to be postponed – an unprecedented event that would probably rattle confidence in global markets, at least momentarily, as the world grapples with the unprecedented situation at hand. The IOC chief rebutted these calls again Saturday morning, according to reports in the Japanese press, but it definitely makes one wonder: If things keep getting worse, how much longer can they hold off?
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03/17/2020 01:31 PM New Orleans Mayor Issues Coronavirus Order [by ConSigCor]

New Orleans Mayor Issues Coronavirus Order Allowing Ban on Sale, Transportation of Firearms

AWR Hawkins16 Mar 2020

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) signed a coronavirus emergency order last week allowing her to ban the sale and transportation of firearms.

She signed a follow-up proclamation on March 16, 2020, further emphasizing her emergency powers to “suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transportation, of alcoholic beverages.”

The declaration declaring the mayor’s power to restrict gun sales and transportation says she is “empowered, if necessary, to suspend or limit the sale of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, and combustibles.”

On March 16, 2020, the Second Amendment Foundation responded to Cantrell’s claims of emergency powers over firearms by reminding her that they sued over Second Amendment infringement following Hurricane Katrina and will do so during the era of coronavirus if needed.

SAF executive vice president Alan Gottlieb said:

Following Hurricane Katrina, we sued the city when then-Mayor Ray Nagin’s administration began confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens for no good reason. The federal court order the city to cease confiscations.

We sued New Orleans then, and we’ll do it again. The presence of a nasty disease does not suspend any part of the Bill of Rights, no matter what some municipal, state or even federal politician may think. While we certainly recognize the seriousness of this virus and its ability to spread rapidly, treating Covid-19 and taking steps to prevent it from infecting more people has nothing at all to do with the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment.

Gottlieb added, “People legally licensed to carry should not have their right to do so suddenly curtailed because some politician panicked. We didn’t allow it before, and we’re not going to allow it now.”

On March 14, 2020, Breitbart News reported that Champaign, Illinois, Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen (D) issued an emergency coronavirus order that gives her the power to halt ammunition and firearm sales in the city.
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