06/17/2024 05:14 PM CALLS FOR JUSTICE: [by ConSigCor]
CALLS FOR JUSTICE: Criminal Referral Requests Against Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Rochelle Walensky, and Other Public Health Officials Have Been Submitted to District Attorneys in Louisiana

The Vires Law Group, in conjunction with the Edward L. Tarpley, Jr., APLC and bolstered by the support of the Former Feds Group Freedom Foundation, has announced the submission of criminal referral requests to the District Attorneys of nine Louisiana parishes.

The referrals call for the initiation of criminal investigations against Dr. Anthony Fauci, Deborah “Scarf Lady” Birx, Rochelle Walensky, Peter Daszak, and other public health officials for alleged crimes committed against Louisiana citizens preceding and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The parishes of Caddo, East Baton Rouge, Jefferson, St. Tammany, Orleans, Lafayette, Lafouche, Tangipahoa, and Rapides are the focus of these 30-page criminal referrals, detailing accusations that have stunned the local communities, according to the press release.

Funded by contributions from entities like the Diamond Mind Foundation and the Fight Like A Flynn PAC, this legal action raises significant questions about the conduct of public health officials during one of the most devastating health crises of our time.

Attorneys Rodriguez, Miller, and Tarpley have requested that the District Attorneys refer these cases to Attorney General Liz Murrill for further investigation and potential charges.

These referrals are made on behalf of next-of-kin relatives of nine victims in Louisiana who have sought legal assistance in investigating the deaths of their loved ones.

Allegations include mismanagement of COVID-19 infections under hospital protocols, intentional suppression, and denial of life-saving treatments within Louisiana hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

The criminal referrals accuse Dr. Fauci, current and former federal officers, and hospital systems providing care within Louisiana of committing crimes as per Louisiana criminal code. The alleged crimes include:

Terrorism – by Causing Intentional Killing or Infliction of Serious Bodily Injury (La. R.S.
First Degree Murder (La. R.S. 14:30)
Second Degree Murder (La. R.S. 14:30.1)
Manslaughter (La. R.S. 14:31(A)(3))
Human Trafficking (La. R.S. 14:46.2)
Prohibited Racketeering Acts (La. R.S. 15:1353)
Cruelty to Persons with Infirmities (La. R.S. 14:93.3)
False Imprisonment (La. R.S. 14:46)
Second Degree Kidnapping (La. R.S. 14:44.1)
Battery (La. R.S. 14:33)
Simple Battery of Persons with Infirmities (La. R.S. 14:35.2)

The individuals and officers subject to the requested criminal investigation include:

Anthony Fauci, ex-Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
Cliff Lane, Deputy Director, NIAID
Francis Collins, ex-Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Deborah Birx, ex-White House COVID Response Coordinator & former Director of DOD HIV Research at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Rochelle Walensky, ex-Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Stephen Hahn, ex-Commissioner, Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
Robert Redfield, ex-Director, CDC
Peter Daszak, President, EcoHealth Alliance
Rick Bright, Director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

BREAKING – Criminal referral requests against Anthony Fauci and other public health officials have been submitted to District Attorneys in Louisiana.

“The criminal referrals accuse Dr. Fauci, current and former federal officers, and hospital systems providing care within…

— McCullough Foundation (@McCulloughFund) June 14, 2024
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06/13/2024 09:24 PM Media Still in Denial over Hunter Laptop [by airforce]
And people wonder why the Washington Post is hemorrhaging money.

Hunter Biden, the troubled son of President Joe Biden, was convicted this week of three charges related to illegally purchasing a gun while suffering from drug addiction. It is fair to ask whether prosecutors should have brought these charges in the first place; Reason's Jacob Sullum described the violated law in question as "widely flouted, haphazardly enforced, and constitutionally dubious."

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie (R–Ky.) wrote on X: "Hunter might deserve to be in jail for something, but purchasing a gun is not it. There are millions of marijuana users who own guns in this country, and none of them should be in jail for purchasing or possessing a firearm against current laws."

One interesting feature of the trial was the delivery mechanism for the evidence used by the state to prove that Hunter Biden was indeed addicted to drugs at the time of the gun purchase. That evidence came from photos and messages that were obtained from his laptop, which he abandoned at a Delaware repair store in April 2019.

The contents of the laptop, readers may recall, fell into the hands of government investigators, Republican operatives, and eventually, the media. On October 14, 2020—just weeks before the presidential election—the New York Post published a story about the laptop's contents, arguing that it demonstrated corruption and influence peddling involving the Biden family.

The rest is history: Mainstream media figures smeared the laptop story as misinformation, national intelligence experts described it as part of a potential Russian influence campaign, and social media sites suppressed it. Joe Biden himself dismissed the story as fake during a debate with then-President Donald Trump, citing the assessments of the intelligence community.

It is notable, then, that years later, the accuracy of the information on the laptop is no longer questioned; claims of Russian malfeasance are utterly unfounded. One can disagree with the New York Post's conclusions about the relevance of the information, but it's abundantly clear that it was Hunter Biden's laptop and it was discarded at a repair shop.

Many conservatives are rightly taking a victory lap. Sean Hannity delivered a thunderous monologue this week: "In other words, you were lied to on a very high level just before an election by numerous people and entire institutions. You were lied to by Hunter Biden himself. You were lied to by his father, your president, Joe Biden. You were lied to by NBC News, fake news CNN, NPR. Well, let's just say pretty much everybody in the media mob."

One can quibble with the term lie—but it's inarguable that the aforementioned institutions and individuals did in fact get the laptop story totally wrong.

Never Let Go

Enter The Washington Post's Philip Bump, who somehow thinks the media's conduct is worth defending and conservative critics have gone astray. In a recent column, he stubbornly insists that concerns about the laptop story were valid and chides Hannity et al. for taking a victory lap.

He writes: "The issue at the time of the New York Post report was in part that the material might not be authentic. In part, though, it was that it was authentic—and being released in October 2020 as part of a foreign effort to influence the outcome of the presidential race."

It's unclear why he thinks this helps his case, since both of these points—that the information might be inauthentic or that it might be authentic but Russian-derived—were wrong. The information is authentic, and no evidence has ever surfaced that Russia had something to do with it.

Bump subsequently wastes a great deal of ink explaining why he believes those concerns about Russian intervention were well-founded. Again, this is beside the point. It is now definitively proven that they were not well-founded. Twitter and Facebook—which at the time faced incredible pressure to act—suppressed the story on a fraudulent basis.

He's right that the intelligence officials who proclaimed the laptop had all the "classic earmarks of a Russian misinformation operation" were more cautious in their assessment than the media acknowledged; indeed, it was Politico that ran with the inaccurate headline "Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say." But nowhere in his column does Bump chide Politico for exaggerating the facts—on the contrary, he is making excuses for exactly this kind of thing.

All has not been well at The Washington Post lately. Management fired top editor Sally Buzbee earlier this month, with Chief Executive Will Lewis admitting candidly that the paper had lost $77 million in 2023 amid a staggering 50 percent audience decline since 2020. In a recent staff meeting, Lewis angered some by bluntly stating: "People are not reading your stuff. I can't sugarcoat it anymore."

If the problem is that the paper has lost its readers' trust, editors might think carefully about why that is the case.

Onward and upward,
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05/30/2024 11:30 PM World War 3 is heating up... [by ConSigCor]

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05/26/2024 09:34 PM Supply Chain Collapse On The Horizon [by ConSigCor]
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05/23/2024 06:54 PM 4th Largest Bank Warns of Economic Collapse! [by ConSigCor]
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