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09/11/2019 04:48 PM
This was my reply to the article down in it's comment section when it first came out......

Pastor Mike

It’s the Left that as usual wants to see blood run in the streets , it doesn’t matter ” WHO’s BLOOD ” , ” WHAT GROUPS BLOOD “, SO LONG AS IT’S BLOOD !!
The Left has always had a Death Cult like fascination with blood , just look at all of the murdered unborn , and sometimes even live birth ones that they murdered and that have been well documented in doing so . Not to even mention all of the MILLIONS who have died at the hands of SOCIALIST/FASCIST /MARXIST/COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS ever since their blood lust demented wet dream first took off with sociopaths and psychopaths world wide .

As for any of their minions who enjoy a well paying job with plenty of benefits all supplied by the general PUBLIC ; not by a POLITICIAN who will be recalled , voted out , or ……… , who decided that THEY knew better and had MORE power then the people who put them in their respective position.
Those minions will ALWAYS be remembered , THEY make their respective families targets , THEY will have no real friends who will have their backs except for other minions , until they are eventually deemed disposable by their higher up party members. Either way it will be the minions who will take the brunt of the backlash in a real world sense rather then the political weasel who put them into those positions in the first place.

All for a job….

Hope it was worth it …… while it lasted.
5 days ago
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09/02/2019 02:33 AM
I need to correct that. With the server problems the host has had, something may have changed.
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08/31/2019 04:27 PM
Fox Company is spinning up for Hurricane Dorian

Forward Observer Dispatch

29 August 2019

Bottom Line Up Front: Fox Company is spinning up to help out with Hurricane Dorian. We could use your help.

Around this time each year, folks on the Southern coast have hurricanes on their minds.

For us, it's a time to test the functionality of our regional communications, emergency response, personal preparedness, and survival skills.

In a meeting last night, the leadership of Cajun Navy Relief decided to spin up operations for disaster rescue for Hurricane Dorian, which is expected to hit Florida and continue into the Gulf of Mexico, destination unknown.

Fox Company will again be aiding the Cajun Navy in their search and rescue missions.

Background: I started Fox Company last year to train volunteers in intelligence and communications skills to help out during real world emergencies.

It's been a great way for students to learn what real world, real-time intelligence looks like as we assist search and rescue operations.

We got our feet wet last year during Hurricane Florence by providing intelligence support to the rescue teams. These teams rescued single mothers with children, dozens of elderly patients from a flooded nursing home, and countless others who had been trapped by flood waters. These people do amazing work and we play a small role.

What I need from you: If you have a few hours to a few days and would like to volunteer remotely, then I invite you to join the Fox Company Discord server here:

(It's like a mobile chat room with some helpful online tools.)

If you're wondering what to expect, read these two pieces I wrote about our experience last year:

Fox Company: Intel Support for Hurricane Florence

An Introduction to Fox Company and "Disaster Intelligence"

Discord will be our primary means of communication, and I'll start getting volunteers added to Mission Teams, Zello channels, and other accounts as we know what missions we'll be supporting.

Even if you don't have time to volunteer, it's been helpful for students to see what a functioning, virtual ACE looks like.

I'm planning a webinar for interested volunteers. You'll learn a bit more about what we do and how we provide intelligence support to disaster response. Standby for further information.

Volunteers can make contact via Discord here:

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper
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AWRM Announcements
08/27/2019 07:14 PM
A small portion of the Windows servers in our fleet are currently experiencing issues with the control panel and sites loading slowly. Users hosted on these servers will experience service degradation as a result. Our System Operations team is investigating the root cause of this interruption. We will provide updates as more details are made available.

So fr, so good. Let's hope it lasts this time.

Onward and upward,
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