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05/16/2022 03:28 AM

We all know that the best nutrients for a baby has been provided by G-d in the form of breast milk from a BIOLOGICAL WOMAN . If any of you dudes who were born a MAN and can lactate from you man boobies then more power to you , and if not , well then that just means that you are NORMAL , so no worries.

But for those of you who still need a breast milk substitute I will list a few for you to explore on your own and share with others. This is NOT professional medical advice and should not be considered to be so, this is just from personal and real world experience .

Goat milk- 65% of the world drinks goats milk , while the fresher the better , unless you either have or know of someone who has goats that recently gave birth and are still nursing their kids then GOOGLE Goat Dairy's in your area. You can also buy pasteurized Goat Milk at regular stores like Wa-Mart , Safe-Way and City Market. While fresh and unpasteurized is healthier for little ones the government frowns on that.

We just sold off the rest of our goat herd as my arthritic hands just hurt too much during and after to justify keeping them only for the wife and I.

Sheep's milk - while not as common as Goat milk it is still very healthy and can be found in more middle-eastern neighborhoods.

Goat/Sheep powdered milk - yes you read that correct , it is usually used for orphaned kids/lambs but is perfectly healthy for human consumption .

On a personal note , when we ran low on formula for our granddaughters who were staying with us years ago , we mixed up regular powdered milk and Lamb Replacer powdered milk and those girls thrived ! They suddenly got over being sick and started putting on much needed weight and the Probiotics are great for maintaining good gut health. Heck my wife still mixes some up for me about once a week, but then I like to add some powdered Malt to make it taste even better .

You can buy those on Amazon , Tractor Supply , Farm and Fleet , Wa-Mart and other such stores, and they come in different sized bags anywhere from a pound up to fifty-pounds .

Most people are not thinking about these alternatives so go and read up on them and then stock up while you can. Look into which ones contains human edible food grade ingredients so you can be sure that you are getting the highest-quality available.

WE plan on THRIVING, not just surviving.

"Ask for a lamb milk replacer that contains human edible grade ingredients so you can be sure you're feeding lambs high-quality, consistent nutrition. "

Milk Replacer for lambs with Probiotics

Lamb Milk Replacer with probiotics for lambs is great for gut health and digestion. It's easy to mix and includes the protein needed for growth and development.

All-milk protein supports growth and development
Powered by Opti-Gut™ to support gut health and digestion
Easy to mix for fast prep and optimal consumption

The Science Behind Opti-Gut:

Opti-Gut is a blend of natural ingredients, including both contents of the yeast cell and probiotic bacteria. Together, these ingredients help control harmful bacteria and support the population of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Available in 3.5 lb and 25 lb sizes.

While goat's milk is seen as more of a specialty item in the United States, approximately 65 percent of the population of the world drinks goat's milk.

Although Americans tend to gravitate toward cow's or plant-based milks, there are a number of health-related reasons to choose goat's milk.

You may find it difficult to digest traditional cow's milk and would prefer to try out other animal-based milks before looking to plant-milk. Or you may simply be looking to change what you add to your morning coffee and cereal. Whatever, the reason, we've got you covered.

Check out the comparison of goat's milk to other types of milk, below, to get a better idea of whether this option is the right one for you....
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05/15/2022 06:47 PM
These are the signs of a false flag operation.

Note that I am not claiming the shooting in Buffalo was orchestrated by anyone other than the shooter. A false flag operation can be, and often is, taking advantage of a real event by blaming someone or something else for the event. In the case of the awful shooting in Buffalo, for instance. we're being told the shooter is "far right," or "right wind extremism," or something like that.

He's not. His manifesto seems more than a little confused, but he describes himself as "authoritarian left-wing." How do you get "far right" out of that?

1. Asks you to respond emotionally rather than intellectually.

2. Strips the event of context, such as the contemporary factual setting, geopolitical reality, or historical awareness.

3. Demands a rush to judgment before a diligent, independent inquiry occurs.

4. Collectivizes judgment, by taking an individual event, and demands you blame an entire culture, religion, race, ancestry, community or country for it.

5. The only explicable motive offered for the offending action is irrational evil or utterly stupid immorality, as it is against the rational interest of the offender to commit the act for the reasons alleged.

Onward and upward,
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05/15/2022 04:58 PM
A lot of people sure do seem selective in their understanding of history, don't they?

Just as an aside, the word "history" comes from the Greek word historia, which means "to be inquisitive." It's surprising how many people, including so-called "historians," aren't.

Onward and upward,
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05/14/2022 10:46 PM
Got Gas?

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Survival & Preparedness
05/14/2022 02:53 AM
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05/13/2022 09:36 PM
“Edge of Nuclear World War 3”, People Must Know & Become Prepared

Senator Richard Black
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05/13/2022 04:54 PM
Well, so much for 200 years of neutrality. Sweden is expected to apply for NATO membership along with Finland.

Onward and upward,
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05/11/2022 06:06 PM
China is "deeply alarmed by Musk's Starlink capabilities. Good.

A recent commentary in the official newspaper of the Chinese armed forces suggested that the international community should be on high alert for the risks associated with the Starlink satellite internet system, as the US military could potentially use it for dominating outer space....

The article notes the SpaceX Starlink’s role during the Russia-Ukraine war, where Elon Musk provided Starlink terminals to restore communications in those parts of the country where internet or phone connection had stopped following the shelling by Russian troops.

”Starlink was the only non-Russian communications system still working in some parts of Ukraine in the wake of the invasion,” claimed SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

However, there have also been reports of Starlink aiding the Ukrainian armed forces in precision strikes against Russian tanks and positions, which has not been unnoticed by Chinese military observers....

Read the whole thing at the link.

Onward and upward,
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Survival & Preparedness
05/09/2022 11:12 PM
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05/09/2022 03:05 PM
False Flag Events

Do an honest study of American false flag events beginning with the Lusitania, the Maine, Operation Dirty Trick, and blowing up one of our own warships in Guantanamo Bay to discredit Cuba in order to manipulate the public into backing a war against them. Most importantly read the 15-page Operation Northwoods document. The Lusitania and Maine operations had the primary purpose of benefitting larger corporations and wealthy individuals in the case of the Maine, to steal land from others for the purpose of empire expansion. I’ll give the Joint Chiefs the benefit of the doubt on their proposed Cuban false flags and say that they may have honestly felt they were necessary even though hindsight shows they weren’t. But it doesn’t change the facts: US false flag attacks are part of standard government procedure. They use our emotions against us to dupe us into changing our resistance into acceptance of going along with their plans which never actually benefit We the People.

Cui bono? Who benefits? – When trying to narrow down a list of suspects, detectives ask, “Cui bono? Who benefits?” Who did the sinking of the Lusitania benefit? JP Morgan and other large banks who held millions of dollars in British bonds which would become worthless if Britain lost WW I. JP Morgan and other banks made billions of dollars from war profiteering once the US did enter the war. We the People benefited nothing and our boys again became cannon fodder for the wealthy. Who did the Maine benefit? Those in government and various billionaires who wanted all of Spain’s possessions and territories including Puerto Rico, Guam, and most importantly the Philippines. Guam was necessary to island hop our way across the Pacific to overthrow the Japanese Empire when the time came. The Philippines (who had “The United States of America” on their coins until 1945) provided a large enough landmass to construct large military bases within striking distance of Japan. We the People gained nothing from the Spanish American War but again, our boys gave their lives for the wealthy who wanted to expand the American Empire across the Pacific for their own personal greed and benefit, not ours. We overthrew the peaceful kingdom of Hawaii a few years before the Spanish American War for the same purpose of island hopping our way to Japan and using our Hawaiian military bases to move the American fleet 2,500 miles closer to Asia.

The Operation Northwoods document was surprisingly released in un-redacted form in 1991 with some of the JFK assassination documents. This document presents a clear view of what lengths the US government will go to deceive the American people. It’s instructive on some of the methods they use to accomplish it and some of them are downright brilliant. Every American should read it. I’ve never come to a final conclusion on the events of 9/11 because both sides present have good arguments, but many of the Northwoods plans are eerily similar to what happened 9/11. They’re a real eye-opener and explain why we should never accept “evidence” at face value. The idea that the Pentagon on 9/11 was hit by a cruise missile disguised as an airliner begins to be much more credible when you read Operation Northwoods where similar deceptions are described, including orchestrating violent “terrorist” attacks in some of America’s major cities, shooting down airplanes, and manufacturing false evidence. Had the US decided to blow up one of our own warships in Guantanamo Harbor as Operation Northwoods suggested, 99.9% of Americans would have been shocked at the news and screaming to go to war. And yet, it would have been 100% deception by our own “leaders.” Luckily for us they were never carried out. But it doesn’t change the facts: our government has no qualms about lying to us to manipulate public opinion.

SIOP-62 and the Cuban Missile Crisis — Would We the People have benefited from Operation Northwoods? Why was our government planning on deceiving We the People so we’d get behind them even though the government knew it meant the possibility of nuclear war? The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in October of 1962 and earlier that year in response to the 1961 Berlin Crisis, a US plan known as SIOP-62 attempted to predict the results of a nuclear war in the event the tensions in East Germany got out of hand. SIOP-62 wasn’t a plan to take action, merely hypothetical ponderings, but the number of worldwide deaths resulting from a nuclear war were considered to be fairly accurate: 335 million in the USSR and China within the first 72 hours. We can safely assume tens of millions of Americans would also die from retaliatory strikes and nuclear fallout. Interestingly as a side note to preppers, SIOP-62 also estimated that of the resulting 37% of casualties, most would eventually die due to the breakdown of society.

The bottom line is, the predicted results of nuclear war in SIOP-62 were very real and foremost in the minds of the Joint Chiefs and higher ups in government, yet they willingly moved us ever closer to the Cuban Missile Crisis even with the prospect of nuclear war.

US Instigated the Cuban Missile Crisis — How many American’s know the US instigated the Cuban Missile Crisis by putting nuclear missiles on Russia’s border in Turkey? Russia responded to the threat by telling the US if they didn’t remove their missiles they’d retaliate by putting missiles in Cuba. We were the aggressors, not Russia. There never would have been a Cuban Missile Crisis in the first place had we played fair and agreed to Russia’s legitimate request to remove our missiles from their border. Instead of quietly backing down and removing our missiles, our “leaders” chose to risk nuclear war with Russia instead, a war they knew would kill hundreds of millions of people across the globe, including Americans. The propaganda and lack of transparency by our own government quickly led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Had any of the potential false flag events been put into action, the American population, blindly unaware of what was happening behind the scenes, would have been chomping at the bit to go to war.

Who benefits from these Cuban Missile type crises and in 2022, NATO’s breaking the Minsk agreements? You and I? The military industrial complex (MIC)? The PTB? (For those unaware, the MIC doesn’t refer to the military or our servicemen, only those corporations who operate the industries who supply the military. Those who General/President Eisenhower warned had “undue influence” over Congress.)

Our dedicated servicemen — If you can read the history of American soldiers on Tarawa without having to hold back the tears, or watch the D-Day depiction in Saving Private Ryan without getting choked up, let me know. If you can read the WW II submarine adventures in Thunder Below, and its German equivalent Iron Coffins, without getting goosebumps and admiring their ingenuity and tactical skills, let me know. If there’s a person among us who wouldn’t enjoy the camaraderie and sense of brotherhood that vets of all nations feel towards their comrades in arms, let us all know.

People wonder how I can enjoy reading as many military history books as I have and admiring the dedication of servicemen as I do, and yet be so adamantly anti-war. I’m that way because unlike most, I’ve read both sides of the story. I can admire servicemen and vets but when I read of the political maneuvering, the manipulations of billionaires and lobbyists, and all the downright lies and dishonest immoral things they do to carry out their plans by using unsuspecting servicemen as pawns, it pi$$es me off to no end. Servicemen would gladly lay down their lives for their country without even being aware of the real reasons why their government bows down to the PTB who only care about using servicemen as cannon fodder. To quote Secretary of State Kissinger, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Reading the true behind-the-scenes political history, not the versions the victors write after the treaties are signed, makes me irate. Reading the documents they hide from us under the excuse of “national security” when they’re finally released 50 years later, will convince anyone who dares to go wherever the truth leads, that Kissinger’s assessment of servicemen and We the People is to be taken seriously. And yet we ignore it all to our own detriment. Someone please explain to me why the government is still refusing to release 50,000 documents related to the JFK assassination, still hiding behind “national security” even though the events transpired 60 years ago.

WW III and Nuclear War

So what does all of this have to do with anything?

WHY those false flags events happened or were planned but not carried out, is not as important as realizing that they DO happen, all too frequently, so why would anything this time around with Ukraine be any different? Are the sanctions really about getting Russia to back down or something else? Is it worth risking WW III over a country under attack which 93% of We the People can’t even locate on a map? Is it worth WW III when the thought of nuclear weapons being used is a real possibility?

Based on how we’ve gotten into all other wars in our history it’s a 90+% probability that if we get into WW III it will be over a false flag event used to manipulate We the People to rally behind their plans to march us all off to war. What we learn from the Cuban Missile Crisis is that even knowing that a nuclear war would kill hundreds of millions of people, our government still stubbornly refused to remove our missiles from Turkey and took us all within a hair’s breadth of nuclear Armageddon.

I believe the possibility of the US government getting us into WW III is fairly certain at this stage of the game. Forty countries now shipping arms to Ukraine won’t be tolerated by Putin for too long. We’re about to find out if the suppositions in The Fourth Turning are just confirmation bias or if the patterns identified are truly meaningful.

The most important question of all — Everything I’ve mentioned so far leads me up to the biggest question of all about the Ukraine/Russia war: if the West gets too involved and Putin gets his back up against the wall, is it possible he could push the Big Red Button? If WW III erupts and moves onto Russian soil, and eventually appears almost certain they’re about to get their butts kicked and their country annihilated, does anyone doubt Putin would push the Red Button? Russians are just as proud as Americans and both of us would do whatever it takes to ensure our continuance.

Vasili Arkhipov prevented TEOTWAWKI — During the Cuban Missile Crisis one single man, a Russian submariner named Vasili Arkhipov, prevented the use of nuclear torpedoes against an American warship which likely would have touched off a nuclear war between our two countries, a position our own government willingly put us into by refusing Russia’s request to remove our missiles from their border. Three officers on board that Russian sub were required to authorize the use of nukes and Vasili stood alone in refusing to consent. Most historians refer to this event as the most dangerous moment in human history. If Putin gets his back up against the wall, will there be another Vasili Arkhipov in the room to prevent the next Shot Heard Round the World? How close are we to the next most dangerous moment in human history? Putin has already warned on multiple occasions that if the West interferes there will be “consequences greater than any you’ve faced in history,” and yet we just keep at it, begging for him to sh*t or get off the pot. Too many Americans are stuck in normalcy bias and willing to risk everything we hold dear for a war that will benefit us nothing, acting as if this were just a Sunday afternoon football game on the telly.

Putin was the head of the KGB for many years so he’s not a dumb cluck. His highest interest is in protecting his country against all enemies foreign and domestic at any cost, including protecting his borders from NATO atomic weapons. He knows the history of the Cuban Missile Crisis and just how far the US government is willing to go even at the risk of nuclear war as they did in 1962.

Even though Uncle Sam the US is aware of the most dangerous moment in history, they plod ahead unconcerned about the next most dangerous moment in history.

Absolute loyalty — Most don’t believe that Putin would get to the point of actually considering pushing the button. Americans say none of his advisers would allow it. Are his most loyal advisors any different than our president’s advisors in the US? Had Kennedy, Regan, Trump decided to push The Button, I think too many Americans would have gotten behind him. America doesn’t hold the patent on loyalty, Russia has just as many of those types of fanatical loyalists as the US has. There are men like Navy Seals, CIA and Secret Service agents among others, who are 110% loyal to their government and would do anything that’s asked of them, no matter the consequences. They’re not only loyal but trained to follow orders without question and to keep their mouths shut afterwards. A friend of mine in Navy Intelligence keeps his mouth shut so well he won’t even spill the beans on what brand of French fries they serve on the USS Nimitz.

Anyone who’s honestly studied both sides of the JFK assassination can only come to the conclusion there was a conspiracy to remove him from office. A coup of that magnitude could never have happened without the support and participation of many top-level government officials and lower level-loyalists to do the dirty work. Not only did they loyally carry out what was asked of them, they’ve never talked. Doesn’t Putin have those kinds of men surrounding him as well? Again, if Putin gets his back up against the wall, IMO there’s a high probability he’d carry out his threat to show the world “consequences greater than any you’ve faced in history.” And yet we’re far too interested in having him prove his words.

Military enlistments dropping fast — US Military enlistments are dropping off to the point where some branches offering up to $50,000 signing bonuses. In order to attract even liberal recruits, some military recruitment ads show young enlistees talking about their two mommies back home, causing Pershing and Patton to roll over in their graves wondering how the US can possibly fight WW III with the ranks partially filled with “service persons” who need “safe places” and can choose their gender.

American women forced to register for the draft – If we end up in WW III, this time our daughters and granddaughters will be drafted as well. Only in the past few decades have women been allowed to serve in the roles previously served by only male military personnel. The last bastion was nuclear submarines, where women are now allowed as crew members. They’re now equal in every respect in the military and there’s no reason why the rest of the women in the country won’t be required to register for the draft as men are. Do we really want our daughters and granddaughters marching off to war? What effect will fewer babies being born due to potential mothers off to war, and some of them being outright killed, have on advancing more of the Soros agenda to decrease the surplus population?

In favor of requiring women to register for the draft, the Senate Armed Service Committee voted 23-2, the Senate 85-15, and the house 181-135. That clause of the legislation was dropped at the last minute, which doesn’t make sense with those kinds of majorities. I’m checking my premises and so far the only thing I can come up with that does make sense is that it was dropped at the last minute due to “undue influence” from the MIC who knew there’d be intense backlash from the American public, diminishing the MIC’s wartime profits, if their daughters and granddaughters were being forcibly shipped off to war. The huge protests of the Sixties were more about the draft itself, not about the Vietnam War as many believe. How large will the protests be this time around when both sexes are required to sign up and ship out? With the majority of both houses of Congress having voted for requiring women to register for the draft, and the Supreme Court refusing to weigh in, it’s a very high probability that women will be drafted in the next world war.

Nuclear war and normalcy bias – We’re aware how close we were to the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis but today our normalcy bias prevents We the People from even considering that we’re again at the brink. Recently I had a family member screaming at me for even bringing up a subject so patently ridiculous, until two days later when the alternate news outlets were reporting the Joint Chiefs were meeting to discuss that exact possibility. Normalcy bias is a killer.

My concerns with the West pushing so hard about what we should be doing in Ukraine, about NATO’s broken treaties and promises not to keep expanding toward Russia’s border, the US’s involvement being more than what’s being disclosed, the admitted propaganda by the CIA, the US’s long history of its own false flag events (even manufacturing false evidence to incriminate the other guys), leads me to believe there’s a strong possibility that we’re being prepared for the worst and we’ll be in WW III before long.

Vying For World Power

The US’s hegemony in the world has been declining for some time now. It’s being spurred along by many things including abandonment by some countries of the Petro Dollar system which allows the Fed to print money at will. Some economists are fond of saying the US’s biggest export is dollars. Were it not necessary for all other countries needing dollars to buy oil and settle international trade payments between countries, there’d be no need for foreign governments to have the huge dollar reserves as they have. The chaos and inflation that would ensue if many of those dollars headed home would be historical. Many countries are diversifying into Euros and out of dollars as part of their foreign currency reserves, decreasing the role of US dollars in the world. The war in Iraq was over Saddam Hussein selling oil in Euros, not terrorists. It sent a loud message to the rest of the OPEC cartel.

Another problem for the US is the fact that China, the largest country on earth, is allied with Russia, and that India, whose population will surpass China’s in the next few years, is in the process of importing more goods and services from Russia including weapons and military supplies, and fewer from the US. India has not backed the sanctions against Russia and is getting discounted oil from them as well.

If we can’t have it, neither can anyone else! — After the USSR ceased to exist in December 1991, there remained a single world power: the US. China has rapidly gained ground in military technology and has surpassed us in the development hypersonic weapons which are nearly impossible to track using radar and satellites due their immense speed and ability to cut their engines partway through their flight, leaving no heat trail for tracking satellites to hone in on. We’ve been losing ground in world domination over the past decade or so and we’re now at the point of seeing who will take our place as king of the hill. It doesn’t bode well that Russia and China are now allies. I can’t imagine the US sitting back and peacefully handing the reins of power over to anyone else. IMO the American Empire would never allow itself to fall, and though the chance might be small, we’d be the ones most likely to push the Red Button with the attitude of, “Well, if we can’t have it, neither can anyone else.” Are the Russian sanctions really about helping Ukraine or more about knocking Russia out of the world-domination battle? How does US world domination benefit We the People?

Made in China — China can’t overtly start troubles for the US without facing repercussions. Right now they ship an incredible amount of products to American consumers and there’d be serious backlash from the US if they cut us off in one fell swoop. But what if they could disrupt supply chains and look innocent while accomplishing the same objective?

If you‘ve been following China’s recent covid activities, they’ve locked down Shanghai, the largest city in China with 27 million people, over the Omicron strain of covid which is the least innocuous with a very low death rate and few symptoms. It makes no sense they’d lock down Shanghai, knowing from their own and the rest of the world’s experience that lockdowns don’t work. When things just don’t make sense, check your premises. Shanghai is not only China’s main shipping port but it’s the largest port in the world. Many of the 40+ million containers they ship out every year are headed for the US. What kinds of supply-chain issues will that lockdown have on the US in the near future if dockworkers and factory employees are unable to go to work? What kind of backlogs will there be in Long Beach this time around? How bare will Walmart’s shelves get this time around? Is China really locking down their largest city over covid concerns? Or is it a deception to cause issues in the US which can’t be blamed directly on the Chinese government? Time will tell. They could just as well open Shanghai back up tomorrow.

Africa and Beanie Babies — We’re told that China would never cut off our consumer goods because they depend as much on the income as we depend on their products. What most don’t know is that China has been the only country doing much in Africa, both developing mineral and other resources as well as lifting the people up so they can enjoy a higher standard of living. China’s not doing it because they’re nice guys, but to develop new markets for their products to reduce their dependency on American markets. This will only speed up China’s ascendency to become the next world power as Americans riot in the streets wondering why they can no longer get big screen TV’s and Beanie Babies at Walmart.

How will the shortage of products due to the Shanghai port shutdown add to the runaway inflation cause by Federal Reserve policies on top of the inflation headed our way because of the Russia sanctions? The triple whammy will hurt us all financially and what are we gaining in return?

The Right of Self-Determination

Should people have the right of self-determination? — Personally, I believe the right of self-determination, the single-most important part of freedom, belongs to every citizen of the world. We don’t argue about the US breaking away from Great Britain, Texas leaving Mexico, Czechoslovakia dividing into two separate countries along language and cultural borders, or the reunification of Germany. Most will agree that all these people had a right to self-determination and that it was not the business of the rest of the world to have a say in how borders were rearranged.

Many of us are strong supporters of the Greater Idaho project whose purpose is to give conservative counties in adjoining states like Oregon the right of self-determination through annexation by Idaho. But to put things into perspective, the Greater Idaho project looks like a bunch of whiney first graders arguing over who gets to sharpen their pencils first compared to the Donbas independence movement in Ukraine. For the most part, all of Oregon shares the same language, religion (more or less), foods, ancestry, etc. The discontentment only boils down to conservative vs liberal perspectives on personal rights and in what direction society should move.

Putin’s reasons for actions against Ukraine — I’m willing to bet less than 5% of Americans read Putin’s February 24th speech where he outlined the reasons for attacking Ukraine. I doubt they’ve done anything to study the history and events of the area or tried to understand the point of view of the people in the Donbas region and why both provinces declared their independence from Ukraine. The two main reasons Putin gave in his speech before attacking Ukraine was that the pro-Russian breakaway provinces were asking for Russia’s help, and that NATO had broken the Minsk agreements too many times for the purpose of putting more missiles right on his borders by potentially having Ukraine as one more NATO partner. He also called us an empire of lies, which I can’t disagree with after everything I’ve already discussed here: all the lies and deceptions they’ve pulled on We the People, all the treaties they’ve broken across the world, and all the freely-elected regimes overthrown in order to benefit American corporations while fooling the American people into believing they were for other reasons.

After the dissolution of the USSR, the citizens of Ukraine voted in 1991 to declare their country the independent nation of Ukraine. The citizens of Donbas voted 84% in favor of joining Ukraine, the tyranny of the Soviet Union no doubt still ringing loudly in their ears.

Ukraine red/blue map — In 2004 their own “Greater Idaho Project” was known as the South-East Ukrainian Autonomous Republic which included Donbas. What did these Ukrainian areas have in common? The image below shows a “red/blue” map of Ukraine’s 2010 elections, the blue areas showing where the South-East Ukrainian Autonomous Republic movement was most prominent. The entire blue area borders on Russia. Everything east of the yellow line is Donbas and includes the darkest blue areas, the most Russia-leaning of all the provinces due to language, heritage, and religion. The lowermost dark blue area outlined in red is Crimea, who was facing the same problems with the Kiev government as Donbas. In 2014 Crimea held a referendum and declared their independence from Ukraine and their reunification with the Russian Federation after a 97% yes vote with voter turnout of 89%. For those saying the election was rigged, in the 2001 Ukraine Census 58% of people indicated they were ethnic Russian, 77% spoke Russian at home, and two thirds of the religious people were Russian orthodox. It’s hard to rig an election with a 97% majority, especially when taking the census numbers into account. All Donbas is trying to do is follow Crimea’s example and exert the right of self-determination by separating from Ukraine.

Kiev’s genocide program — When the 2014 hostilities started between Kiev the provinces vying for independence, it wasn’t long before Kiev started a program of genocide. Today in the Ukraine war, Zelenskyy has made false accusations of genocide in his media broadcasts but who were the real culprits of genocide in the period between 2014 and 2021? As of February 2022 when the current war began 150+ mass graves of civilians had been identified in Donbas, all victims of Kiev’s repercussions due to their secessionist desires.

Should We the People really be backing Zelenskyy? — Do we really want to get behind a man like Zelenskyy who puts on a good show but himself is guilty of genocide, unwilling to let people exercise the right of self-determination after voting overwhelmingly by 90% to cut ties with Ukraine and united themselves with Russia? Do we believe in the right of self-determination, freedom fighting, and revolutions against tyrannical governments such as we had in 1776, or do we just give it lip service? Does Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death apply only to the Colonists? Both the Colonists and the people of the Donbas region have shown they’re more than willing to die for their chance to be governed by a more friendly government who’ll support their ethnicity, religion, and language. Why should we stand in their way and join with Zelenskyy and back military action against the people of Donbas who only want to live a life free from unjust government overlords? We all want that for ourselves and express disgust with what comes out of Washington and our liberal cities, so why aren’t we empathizing with the people of Donbas who want the same right of self-determination? Zelenskyy admitted early on in the war that it could have been prevented had he just recognized the two Donbas provinces as independent republics and accepted their secession the month before.

Today, we and 40 other countries are arming Zelenskyy to the teeth, a man we called evil and corrupt just six months ago. The last time we armed people to fight against an American enemy was when we trained Osama bib Laden to use terrorist tactics against the Russians in Afghanistan. I don’t need to explain to anyone how that turned out for We the People. What kind of blowback can we expect from that in the future? How is arming Zelenskyy benefitting We the People? How did training and arming Osama bin Laden benefit We the People if he really was the mastermind behind 9/11?

Time to Step it Up

For all these reasons, I think it’s urgent for me personally to step it up on the preparation front. While TEOTWAWKI has always been a statistically low probability since the Cuban Missile Crisis, for me that probability has grown exponentially since covid and even more exponentially since the Russian sanctions were imposed. And while a TEOTWAWKI chance may be remote, WW III is very likely in our very near future, cheered on by another false flag event, and another slogan to remember something, followed by an exclamation point.

Preaching to the duet — As mentioned already, I realize I’m preaching to the duet in the Sunday school room in the basement of the church but for the choir upstairs, please take these words to heart and see if some of your current opinions should be tweaked and whether or not you should step up your prepping, if for no other reason than for the shortages and inflation heading our way. Let’s not allow normalcy bias and tribalism prevent us from seeing what needs to be seen, learning what needs to be learned, and doing what needs to be done.

The Fourth Turning? — Things could get very real for all of us in the blink of an eye if we keep supporting our leaders’ insane desires to get us into the Ukraine war, leading us into WW III. If The Fourth Turning is correct, we’re overdue for the next world war. Let’s not base our support for military action in a far-off country, which has no benefit for We the People, on the false premises we are using to judge the “news” stories the major networks are presenting. Wars are also a good way to distract We the People from serious issues at home like inflation by getting us to rally behind an unpopular president as he leads us toward our destruction in WW III.

This war is different — Don’t let normalcy bias lead you to believe that such a war will be like the others in our lifetime: fought by an all-volunteer military, with no repercussions for those of us at home, and making no difference if we won or lost. This time will be different. The consequences will be worse than we’re anticipating and will affect each and every one of us. Be prepared for it.


I’m sure the Snippets column will be full of comments nitpicking at various insignificant details presented here: percentages wrong, some details not being presented accurately enough, disagreements on various interpretations, some T’s left uncrossed and a few dangling participles, but the larger message remains the same:

The US has a well-documented history of using false flag events to get us into war.
Too many of those wars made no sense and provided no benefit for We the People but rather, helped further the agendas of the PTB.
Our government has no qualms about deceiving us.
Military contractors have undue influence in Washington, get rich off war, and want them to stretch on for as many years as possible.
We the People have absolutely nothing to gain by getting further involved in Ukraine.
If we get involved militarily in Ukraine, there’s a very high probability it will lead to WW III.
If we get involved in WW III and have boots on the ground in Russia, the war has a probability of turning nuclear.
If WW III is in our future, our daughters and granddaughters will almost certainly be draftedEven though TEOTWAWKI is a less-likely outcome, the current Russia sanctions will cause shortages and more inflation as soon as the pipelines and supply chains empty of their current products.
If we end up in war, shortages and inflation are going to get much, much worse than they already are.
It’s a good time to step up our preps if we want to get through all the events which are shortly headed our way.

Please take a moment to ask yourself if all of these are worth backing our “leaders” as they drag us into a war that has no benefit whatsoever for We the People and threatens everything we hold dear.
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05/09/2022 04:17 AM

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Scored six Pilgrim Dames (females) , and two Pilgrim Ganders from totally different locations. That bring us up to 7-female and 3-male Pilgrims .

"Pilgrim geese are now rare, but their status has moved from “Critically Endangered” to “Threatened” according to The Livestock Conservancy – formerly known as the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC)."

It is my goal to help perpetuate this breed in our area and to educate others in keeping this breed going, hence why I added them to our little ranch.

Now I also have African Geese , Pekin Ducks along with a large flock of mixed chickens and roosters , however Water Fowl tend to be very resistant to Bird Flue , hence why I hedged my bets as so.

One is none , two is one and three is two ... or so the saying goes .

Just some ...."food for thought"
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Is anyone really surprised the USDA is just as corrupt as everyone else in government? It's one thing to not trust the FBI, but when you can't even trust the food in your supermarket, well...

Onward and upward,
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America is RUNNING OUT of military munitions and can’t replace them FOR YEARS due to industrial decline and supply chain collapse

(Natural News) Just as Russia has now completed the test firing of its global ICBM “Sarmat” missile system — which can reach any target anywhere in the world with a dizzying array of re-entry (nuclear) vehicles — alarm bells are being sounded over America’s rapid depletion of munitions due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The US Pentagon has shipped thousands of Javelin anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, along with millions of rounds of ammunition, artillery shells, rockets, drones and troop transport vehicles, leading to a sudden drop in the available stockpiles of such equipment should US forces need to defend the homeland.

“General Mark Milley, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that the West has delivered 60,000 antitank weapons and 25,000 anti-aircraft weapons to Kyiv. The Pentagon is now laying plans to rush additional artillery, coastal defense drones and other materiel to Ukraine,” reports

Pentagon officials say that Kyiv is blowing through a week’s worth of deliveries of antitank munitions every day. It is also running short of usable aircraft as Russian airstrikes and combat losses take their toll. Ammunition has become scarce in Mariupol and other areas. This is presenting Western countries with a stark choice between pouring more supplies into Ukraine or husbanding finite capabilities they may need for their own defense.
Will take years to rebuild weapons stockpiles

Even worse, we’ve now learned that many of these systems are extremely difficult to replenish, requiring years of manufacturing to restore supplies. While Javelin missiles, for example, have been sent to Ukraine by the thousands, the United States can only manufacture about 1,000 units a year under current circumstances. (See below.)

Contributing to the alarming problem is the supply chain collapse that appears to be spreading rapidly, making it difficult if not impossible for weapons manufacturers to source materials and parts that are needed for their products. In addition, many weapons system suppliers are single-source suppliers, meaning there is zero redundancy in the military supply chain for that component or weapon.

Even worse, many of these single-source suppliers rely on microchips or other parts from China or Taiwan, meaning that such parts may be impossible to get during a world war.

And finally, wrapping up the dismal reality of the situation, America’s industrial capabilities have plummeted over the last two decades. Combined with the fact that so few Americans want to carry out anything resembling “work,” there is no ability for America to repeat its World War II feat of out-producing the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire. In the 1930s and 40s, America carried a strong work ethic and an outstanding industrial output capacity based largely on domestic sourcing (of steel, for example). Today, America has collapsed into a nation with very little domestic manufacturing and almost no remaining work ethic. The primary thing “produced” by America is fiat currency (debt notes) which obviously can’t replace steel. Other American exports include libtard cultural insanity, pedophilia (grooming), Big Tech censorship and Orwellian tracking technologies.

In essence, America produces very little other than debt, misery and insanity. (Plus quite a lot of food crops, when fertilizer is available.)

You can’t “print” your way to military readiness

As analysts are now coming to realize, you can’t print munitions and weapon systems. Yes, you can print money and make believe you have an abundant economy, a rising stock market and high currency velocity, but those are all fictions based on currency counterfeiting by the central bank.

Military weapons, on the other hand, have to be manufactured out of real things. Copper, steel, electronics, gunpowder, aluminum, etc. And these real things are increasingly difficult to acquire, largely due to the West’s insanely stupid economic sanctions against Russia which have, for the most part, backfired against western nations and caused extremely stubborn supply chain disruptions.

You also can’t simply outsource your domestic weapons production to other countries, since the entire point of domestic production is to have factories that can create weapons for national defense when you’re in the middle of a global war. The United States, having outsourced nearly all manufacturing to China and other nations, has but a shadow remaining of its post-World War II manufacturing capabilities.

Printing more money won’t solve this problem, which means fake president Joe Biden has no idea what to do. In fact, that top two “solutions” being pursued by the White House under the Resident-In-Chief Joe Biden is to: 1) Print more money, and 2) Shut down domestic infrastructure.

The results are nothing short of catastrophic. America is dismantling its ability to manufacture weapons for national defense. And China is no doubt watching all of this rather closely, projecting the collapse of America’s military readiness, signaling the perfect storm of circumstances for China to invade the continental United States.

Russia is also watching America burn through its weapon systems

Russia’s take on all this is demonstrated by Sputnik News which recently published an article, “US Running Out of Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles to Send to Ukraine: Report.” From that article:

The United States and its allies have sent up to 17,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine over the past month-and-a-half… Having transferred about a third of its inventory of Javelin missile systems to Ukraine, the Pentagon may be running out of stocks critical for the security of the homeland and possible US wars abroad, Center for Strategic and International Studies researcher Mark Cancian has calculated.

That same report concludes that replacing those Javelin missiles will take 3-4 years:

With current production averaging about 1,000 Javelins a year, the Pentagon assures that up to 6,480 can be made per year in an emergency. However, Cancian says this production rate would take years to reach, given the 32 month delivery time from when a missile is ordered and the time that it’s delivered. “This means that it will take about three or four years to replace the missiles that have been delivered so far. If the United States delivers more missiles to Ukraine, this time to replace extends,” he stresses.

A similar situation exists with Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, which are also being sent to Ukraine in large numbers, depleting America’s stockpiles. See the full CSIS report here.

US military weapons are outdated and largely ineffective against Russia’s modern, advanced weapon systems

The other “holy crap” factor in all this is the fact that the US military industrial complex, due to its corruption, laziness and virtue signaling incompetence (where many of the qualified cis-gendered people were fired and replaced by “woke” pretenders who play the role of victims), is utterly incapable of designing new, effective weapon systems. (You know, because “math is racist.”) America is largely churning out the same outdated designed from decades ago, with no design improvements whatsoever.

Idiocracy is now ruling the US military. Why do F-35 fighter aircraft keep falling out of the sky? Why do US Navy ships lose all controls and drift at sea? Why are US soldiers thrust into conflicts with sub-par equipment that barely functions?

The answer is because the Pentagon is far more concerned with being gay and transgender than being prepared to defend America. The “woke” mentality has transformed the leadership of the US Armed Forces into libturd soy boy snowflakes who have forgotten the entire reason for their very existence. They want the military to be a wokeified social experiment rather than an effective fighting force.

This is why America is terrified to actually face off against Russian forces in Ukraine. Russia has already established near-total air superiority in Ukraine. Russia’s artillery equipment is far more modern and effective than is America’s, as the Russian systems have a much faster fire cycling rate and far more accurate targeting of where the shells actually hit.

Russia’s hypersonic missiles can’t be stopped by anything from the USA or NATO, which means Russia can strike targets at will, and there’s nothing NATO can do to stop it. Now, Russia’s new “Sarmat-2” ICBM system which can carry up to 15 independent re-entry vehicles (MIRV units), some of which can include hypersonic glide vehicles that evade every anti-air defense system the USA has in its inventory.

And then there’s Russia’s S-500 anti-aircraft defense systems. These systems are so advanced and effective that they can shoot down aircraft, low-Earth orbit satellites, cruise missiles and hypersonic missiles. America and NATO have nothing that even comes close to the S-500.

In effect, America cannot defeat Russia in a war. This is becoming rather obvious in Ukraine where US intelligence, US weapons and US satellite systems are running the entire theater of operations for the Ukrainians, yet the Ukraine military is still getting stomped. Russia is just weeks away from a decisive victory in the Donbas region, and there’s absolutely nothing any NATO country can do to stop them, short of launching nuclear weapons.

It turns out that America’s priorities have led this nation down the path of self-destruction. Instead of building a military as a capable fighting force, the Pentagon is far more concerned with organizing gay helicopter crews and paying for the transgender sex-change surgeries of active-duty soldiers. The insanity has reached the point of mass dysfunction… even clinical insanity. Our Pentagon is now run by mentally ill lunatics who will get American soldiers slaughtered on the battlefield when there’s an actual war with Russia (which seems to be coming).
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This man was nominated by Biden to lead the ATF.

[Linked Image]

Onward and upward,
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Patriots’ Day: The Forgotten History of America’s Patriots’ Day and What it Commemorates

While it’s not celebrated too widely outside of New England, Patriots’ Day (or “Patriot’s Day” if you live in Maine) is a big deal there, primarily in the state where the Battles of Lexington and Concord actually took place – Massachusetts. For anyone reading this from New England who isn’t aware: No, you’re not getting the third Monday in April off so you can stay home and watch the Boston Marathon.

Even before the Declaration of Independence was written, there were the Battles of Lexington and Concord – the true beginning of the American Revolution. To be sure, this is something that had been brewing for some time. There was the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Intolerable Acts. But the Battles of Lexington and Concord marked the first shots fired between Patriots and Tories, beginning what would eventually lead to the independence of the American colonies from the British Empire.

While the battles began as a small skirmish, they quickly became a bona fide fight – and a bridge from which the American rebels could not walk back.

Increasing Tensions in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

By the time of the battles, the British occupying troops had already earned the nickname of “redcoats,” or even “devils” depending on who you spoke to. They had been occupying Boston since 1768, and due to forced quartering as well as increased resistance on the part of the colonists, the tensions between the natives and the occupying army were only growing with time.

Boston was to some degree under the control of General Thomas Gage, military governor of Massachusetts and the commander of a garrison of some 3,000 British troops stationed in the city. However, outside of the city was a whole other issue. Indeed, it was outside of the city where the rebel sentiment held the most sway. While it is often said that one-third of colonists were Tories, another third Patriots, and another third apathetic, the Patriots held the overwhelming majority of support among Massachusetts colonists outside of Boston.

Gage planned to assert central control over the more rural parts of the Massachusetts Bay Colony by using small strikes to confiscate the Patriot militias’ supplies. He had some success in doing this in advance of the Battles of Lexington and Concord in what were known as the Powder Alarms.

Still, due to the threat of Indian raids, every town in Massachusetts was required to have a militia. And these militias needed supplies. Disarming all of them seemed unlikely at best.

Confiscating the Colonial Arms

On April 14, 1775, the order came down from the central authority in London that General Gage was to confiscate the colonial arms. On the morning of April 18, Gage sent a mounted patrol of 20 men to intercept messengers and, perhaps most importantly, to find Samuel Adams and John Hancock. It was their search for the latter two men that tipped off the colonists that something bigger was afoot. This put the residents of the area on a higher alert than they otherwise might have been.

Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith was ordered to go relieve the Concord militia of its arms and powder, but not to disturb the locals or their property. He did not give orders to arrest the rebel leaders for fear that this would spark a huge uprising.

The Patriots had largely been alerted to both the general plan (remove their arms and powder) and the specific plan (go after the Concord militia), and the Massachusetts Provincial Congress ordered the militias to resist the British troops with force.

On April 18, in preparation for the arrival of British troops, Paul Revere took his famous “midnight ride” to warn the colonists of the area that “the British are coming.” Indeed, the colonials had intercepted the transmission from London, and knew that April 19th would be the day of the raid, even before General Gage knew. The leading lights of the rebellion left the city of Boston and laid low to avoid an arrest.

The Minutemen Are Born

The American mythos surrounding the Minutemen is about as powerful as that surrounding the cowboy. Thus it is fitting that the Minutemen were born during the battle that kicked off the struggle for American independence.

While it’s true that the Minutemen were in existence before these battles, it was during Lexington and Concord when they really came into their own as an important force. Indeed, in response to the “midnight ride,” militiamen were organized as far as 25 miles away while British troops were still landing.

Lexington was more of a minor skirmish than anything. The British troops weren’t even supposed to be there. British Marine Lieutenant Jesse Adai decided to turn right instead of left, putting him in Lexington instead of Concord.

Upon meeting up with the rebels, an unknown British officer rode in front of the British troops, waved his sword and ordered the militia to disperse, yelling “lay down your arms, you damned rebels!” For his part, the captain of the militia ordered his men to disperse, but his orders were either unheard or not obeyed. In any event, while some of the men did choose to disperse, none of them laid down their arms. Both commanding officers ordered their men not to fire, but someone did.

No one is sure who fired first. In fact, most historical sources agree that it was someone uninvolved in the fighting. Only one British troop suffered minor injuries. However, eight patriots were killed and 10 were wounded at Lexington. Most of these occurred during a British bayonet charge.

In Concord, militiamen from both Concord and neighboring Lincoln were already amassing. Tensions mounted between an advancing Patriot militia and a retreating British force at The North Bridge. A firefight broke out, leading militia commander Major Buttrick to yell out, “Fire, for God’s sake, fellow soldiers, fire!”

Fire they did. The British regulars were soon outnumbered and outmaneuvered. It was a stunning strategic victory for the American Patriot forces.

The Reaction to the Battles

It’s likely that none of the colonists expected to win this battle, nevermind to win it quite as handily as they did. Most probably didn’t even think there would be a confrontation where each side was shooting to kill. However, the early stages of the American revolution are filled with examples of the colonists being surprised as they walked further and further out onto the ledge of independence.

All told, 15,000 militiamen showed up to encircle Boston on three sides and to keep the British regulars hemmed inside the city where they could only do negligible damage. Men were pouring into the region from Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, forming the core of what was about to become the Continental Army.

General Gage did not declare martial law, but instead continued his move to seize private weapons by other means.

The main reason the battle was a strategic failure for the British is because it baited them into exactly the kind of confrontation they were trying to avoid by confiscating arms from the colonial militias. The battle was largely seen as the moment when the rebels crossed the metaphorical Rubicon and could not go back to the status quo antebellum.

For what it’s worth, the Patriots very heavily relied upon propaganda to paint this battle in a positive light. Inconvenient facts were suppressed and more positive aspects of the Patriots’ role in the battle were played up to give the colonists a battle they could believe in.

Over the years, the battle began to take on an almost mythic quality. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “Concord Hymn” was one of the earliest post-Revolutionary attempts at lionizing the battle. “Paul Revere’s Ride” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was memorized by generations of schoolchildren.

Four Massachusetts National Guard units can directly tie their lineage to this battle.

The Beginnings of Patriots’ Day

In 1894, the Lexington Historical Society petitioned the Massachusetts General Court to declare April 19th “Lexington Day.” Concord wasn’t willing to let this stand and counter-petitioned that it be declared (what else?) “Concord Day.”

They were both at a bit of a loss when they found out that the biggest battle fought on April 19th was actually in Menotomy, which is now known as Arlington. It has been speculated that one of the reasons the much larger battle is less remembered than the two smaller ones is because the name of the town has changed several times since the American Revolution.

As a compromise designed to keep everyone happy, Governor Frederic T. Greenhalge proclaimed the day “Patriots’ Day,” which replaced the previous Fast Day. The new state holiday served to consolidate what had previously been a variety of local observances throughout the state. It further commemorated the first blood of the Civil War during the Baltimore Riots of 1861, where four Massachusetts militia members were killed.

Maine became the second state to celebrate the holiday in 1907, likewise replacing what had formerly been Fast Day. New Hampshire became the third state in 1991, with Connecticut joining as the fourth in 2018. It is currently celebrated on the third Monday in April.

Because Bay Staters love their sports, the Boston Marathon takes place on Patriot’s Day, and the Boston Red Sox have been scheduled for home games every year since 1959. In 2013, they played despite the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

Those who do not live in Massachusetts or New England frequently confuse or conflate the holiday with Bunker Hill Day or Evacuation Day. The former of these celebrates an unrelated battle in June, and the latter commemorates the British evacuation from the city of Boston after the successful siege by the nascent Continental Army. Evacuation Day, for its part, is often confused with St. Patrick’s Day because it is commemorated on the same day.

All of these (except St. Patrick’s Day, of course) are part of a family of holidays known as Minor Revolutionary Holidays. But Patriot’s Day is arguably the most important of them for three reasons. First, it celebrates the very beginning of our nation. Before the Battles of Lexington and Concord, we were nothing more than a bunch of colonies with a few radical rebels. After the battles, we became a nation in the making.

The other reason largely flows from the first: While there are only a handful of New England states that celebrate Patriot’s Day, it is recognized in Wisconsin as a day off for the public schools. The State of Florida urges people to celebrate it without it being an official holiday. People around the country have at least heard of Patriot’s Day in a way that they haven’t, for example, Bennington Battle Day.

Finally, the Battles of Lexington and Concord are arguably where the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms was born. It was the attempt by the redcoats to seize their arms that demonstrated just how important this right was to the colonials. The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the Patriots putting their lives on the line to defend that right.

So, on April 19 (or the third Monday of April, whichever you like), go ahead and remember Patriot’s Day – why it’s celebrated and what it is intended to remember. Even if you’re not in New England, it’s important to remember the origins of our nation in a small battle outside of Boston.
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The Whitmer Case & the FBI’s PATCON Legacy

April 11, 2022 — With the recent acquittal of two defendants in the USA vs. Fox, et al, aka the Michigan “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot” case, and a mistrial on the other two defendants it seems that the FBI has been rebuked for the tactics it used in the case. The defense raised entrapment as a defense, which is legally hard to prove and very rarely is successful. This represents a sea change in the way the American public views the actions of federal law enforcement in their use of infiltration and informants.

Many commentators discussing the case see this as a relatively recent phenomenon, but it is not. The FBI has been employing these tactics for decades. Most people are familiar at least on a surface level of the FBI COINTELPRO operation, which back in the day was aimed at the left. It was used to target groups like the Black Panthers and civil rights groups for example. Much has been made of Cointelpro but most people are completely unaware of the FBI’s PATCON aka “Patriot Conspiracy” operation that was basically Cointelpro aimed at the right.

Read it all...
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