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03/12/2020 07:43 PM
The panic has already started and it looks as if it will continue to gain momentum. The company I work for has 9000 employees across the United States and they have entered mild panic mode at this time. I was asked yesterday to find a source for something to use at our facility, and relying on past healthcare experience and employment, I immediately started seeking out Oxivir TB, mainly because it has the quickest contact time (~1 min) to kill virii. There is none to be had. Grainger had a few cases at 7 pm last night, and at 8 am this morning when I tried to order a case from work, they were sold out. Hand sanitizer, Clorox, Lysol, rubbing alcohol, all gone from the shelves locally. Things will continue to get crazy and possibly more crazy as this thing plays out.Do your own research and fact checking in your AO. Don't panic buy, but do buy often and be ready to shelter in place for a week or two if this hits your area. Remember, a lot of people like grocery store and convenience store employees aren't going to risk infection for minimum wage, which will start a snowball effect of stores not having the available labor to even open.
Tempstar's tip: Hydrogen Peroxide is effective against human coronovirus ! People overlook it as a sanitizer in favor of alcohol, but HP has a quicker contact time to kill the virus than does alcohol or Lysol.
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AWRM Announcements
03/04/2020 06:30 AM
I want to thank everyone for their support. We appreciate it.
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