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MULTIPLE CITIES HIT With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures: #160301
04/22/2017 10:02 PM
04/22/2017 10:02 PM
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Total Chaos: Cyber Attack Fears As MULTIPLE CITIES HIT With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures: Shockwave Of Delays In San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York

The U.S. power grid appears to have been hit with multiple power outages affecting San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

Officials report that business, traffic and day-to-day life has come to a standstill in San Francisco, reportedly the worst hit of the three major cities currently experiencing outages.

Power companies in all three regions have yet to elaborate on the cause, though a fire at a substation was the original reason given by San Francisco officials.

A series of subsequent power outages in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City left commuters stranded and traffic backed up on Friday morning. Although the outages occurred around the same time, there is as of yet no evidence that they were connected by anything more than coincidence.

The first outage occurred at around 7:20 a.m. in New York, when the power went down at the 7th Avenue and 53rd Street subway station, which sent a shockwave of significant delays out from the hub and into the rest of the subway system. By 11:30 a.m. the city’s MTA confirmed that generators were running again in the station, although the New York subways were set to run delayed into the afternoon.

Later in the morning, power outages were reported in Los Angeles International Airport, as well as in several other areas around the city.

Via : Inverse

The San Francisco Fire Department was responding to more than 100 calls for service in the Financial District and beyond, including 20 elevators with people stuck inside, but reported no immediate injuries. Everywhere, sirens blared as engines maneuvered along streets jammed with traffic.

Traffic lights were out at scores of intersections, and cars were backing up on downtown streets as drivers grew frustrated and honked at each other.

Via: SF Gate

The cause of the outage has not yet been made clear, though given the current geo-political climate it is not out of the question to suggest a cyber attack could be to blame. It has also been suggested that the current outages could be the result of a secretive nuclear/EMP drill by the federal government.

As we have previously reported, the entire national power grid has been mapped by adversaries of the United States and it is believed that sleep trojans or malware may exist within the computer systems that maintain the grid.

In a 2016 report it was noted that our entire way of life has been left vulnerable to saboteurs who could cause cascading blackouts across the United States for days or weeks at a time:

It isn’t just EMPs and natural disaster that poses a threat to the grid, but there is also the potential for attacks on individual power substations in the vast network of decentralized and largely unguarded power grid chain. A U.S. government study established that there would be “major, extended blackouts if more than three key substations were destroyed.”

Whether by criminals, looters, terrorists, gangs or pranksters, it would take very little to bring down the present system, and there is currently very little the system can do to protect against this wide open threat.

Whether the current outages are the result of a targeted infrastructure cyber attack or simply a coincidence, most Americans think the impossible can’t happen, as The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington highlights, a grid-down scenario won’t just be a minor inconvenience if it goes on for more than a day or two:

Consider, for a moment, how drastically your life would change without the continuous flow of energy the grid delivers. While manageable during a short-term disaster, losing access to the following critical elements of our just-in-time society would wreak havoc on the system.

Challenges or shut downs of business commerce
Breakdown of our basic infrastructure: communications, mass transportation, supply chains
Inability to access money via atm machines
Payroll service interruptions
Interruptions in public facilities – schools, workplaces may close, and public gatherings.
Inability to have access to clean drinking water

Full report: When the Grid Goes Down, You Better Be Ready!

It is for this reason that we have long encouraged Americans to prepare for this potentially devastating scenario by considering emergency food reserves, clean water reserves and even home defense strategies in the event of a widespread outage.

The majority of Americans have about 3 days worth of food in their pantry.

Imagine for a moment what Day 4 might look like in any major city that goes dark.

This exclusive clip from American Blackout shows what an extended outage might look like:

"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come and that soon, and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." Gen. T.J. Jackson, March 1861
Re: MULTIPLE CITIES HIT With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures: #160302
04/22/2017 10:03 PM
04/22/2017 10:03 PM
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Are Today’s Massive Power Outages Really Secretly Part of the Operation Gotham Shield Nuclear EMP Drill?

When Russia holds a massive civil defense drill for nuclear war, the government informs its people and even includes them.

When the US government does it however, they do it in secret, even using natural disasters as cover, meanwhile keeping the civilian population in the dark and telling them as little as possible.

The fact that there are massive power outages today of all days in San Francisco, LA and specifically New York City — causes reportedly still unknown at this time — seems like anything but a coincidence with everything else going on right now including a massive NYC-area 10 kiloton nuclear blast and EMP drill called Operation Gotham Shield.

Power Outages

The first massive power outage today occurred in New York City just before 6 am after the power inexplicably went down at the 7th avenue and 53rd street subway station, causing a chain reaction through the rest of NYC’s subway system. MTA did not get the generators back up and running until around 11:30. Delays are still rampant.

A few hours later, outages began being reported around Los Angeles, including at the LA airport.

San Francisco
This one is reportedly the worst. Some 90,000 people are still without power all around downtown San Francisco as of 1 pm this afternoon. Businesses are shuttered, transportation systems are shut down, whole skyscrapers are dark. People are calling the whole scene “surreal”. Again, the cause of the outage still has not been explained.

Operation Gotham Shield

All of this is coinciding with the Operation Gotham Shield drill being held in the NYC area; depending on who you ask, it’s even going on right now, but again, we civilians (read: peons) are being mostly kept in the dark about the huge drill. One set of dates says the drill started on April 18th and will run through May 5th. Another set of dates say the actual nuke/EMP simulation part of the drill won’t happen until April 24th–26th.

As Mac Slavo of reported yesterday:

[Gotham Shield] is a tabletop, joint agency exercise involving FEMA, Homeland Security and a myriad of law enforcement and military agencies. WMD, chemical and biological units will all be on hand as a response is tested for a “simulated” nuclear detonation over the United States’ foremost urban center, in the iconic and densely populated island of Manhattan and nearby shores of New Jersey.

According to the Voice of Reason:

On April 18th thru May 5th, 2017, state, local, and federal organizations alike are planning for Operation Gotham Shield 2017 — a major nuclear detonation drill in the New York-New Jersey area, along with the U.S.-Canadian border. During this exercise, 4 nuclear devices, 2 of which are rendered “safe” during the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Vital Archer Exercise, and one successful 10kt detonation in the NYC/NJ area, along with one smaller detonation on the U.S./Canadian border are to take place.

Among the organizations involved are:

– U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

– U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)

– U.S. Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO)

– U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

– U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

– U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM)

– State of New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

– State of New York Office of Emergency Management

– City of New York Office of Emergency Management

And many more…

So the chances that we’re suddenly having totally random “unexplained” massive power outages in major cities, starting specifically in the one where this massive nuclear war/EMP drill is currently going down and it is all simply a coincidence seem poor at best.

Slavo continues:

The potential for a more explosive false flag to spin out of control, by hijacking and ‘converting’ the simulated actions, is all too real.

This is closely related to the mechanism that many researchers believe was at work on the day of 9/11, nesting a false flag attack inside of a series of large-scale training operations which invoked emergency powers and simulated attacks in locations that were actually hit.

Stay vigilant, people.

"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come and that soon, and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." Gen. T.J. Jackson, March 1861
Re: MULTIPLE CITIES HIT With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures: #160303
04/23/2017 04:32 AM
04/23/2017 04:32 AM
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Got a feeling that's the more sophisticated side of the Trump machine putting some reach back into the power centers of the more troublesome political demographic.

Can you honestly say they don't deserve it?

Back when I lived in a "remote" part of the Oregon coast, "they" were pulling stunts like power outages and believe it or not, "internet shutdown" where supposedly certain long distance phone lines were out therefore banks couldn't clear checks or credit transactions and everything had to be done in cash which was being rationed at the bank.

At the time I knew it was bullshit because my dialup to assaultweb was working as long as my generator and UPS battery held up and I could check PayPal periodically for updates on my eBay auctions were working.

I wasn't able to cash or deposit any checks from my unemployment benefits and count access the direct deposit from my national guard pay, and then my paypal debit card was not working. Fortunately, I had just sold a preban AR I had for cash and was not really hurting for money to spend.

Stories around town diverged greatly from what I was getting over the Internet. What I do know is that I was getting lied to.

Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

Trump: not the president America needs, but the president America deserves.
Re: MULTIPLE CITIES HIT With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures: #160304
04/25/2017 04:24 AM
04/25/2017 04:24 AM
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Here’s why black-outs in 3 major US cities were almost certainly related

Adam Garrie

There remains a strong possibility that the black-outs were acts of domestic or international terrorism.

Yesterday, morning power black-outs hit three major US cities in two time zones. Areas of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles were hit by the still unexplained power cuts.

San Francisco’s power supply is controlled by Pacific Gas and Electric, most of Los Angeles is controlled by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power while other areas are controlled by Southern California Edison and much of New York City is controlled by ConEdison.

In other words, the power systems of the three cities, all of which are either far or very far from one another are not connected in any way.

This leaves only two logical possibilities and one illogical possibility, which incidentally is the one that the mainstream media is running with.

1. Coordinated black-out safety drill/test

Many anti-terrorist experts know that one of the most effective ways to cause havoc in a major US city, especially one as de-centralised as Los Angeles and other west coast cities, is to meddle with the power supply or do anything else to cause chaos on the roads. Power cuts can also be employed by terrorists to cause difficulties in a dense and centralised US city like New York.

Because of this, the events of yesterday morning may have been a coordinated safety drill, executed covertly to see how citizens and the security services could cope.

As it was, the New York Subway and San Francisco BART metro system experienced severe delays as did other forms of public transport. Traffic was also a total mess. For a while power was completely lost at parts of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) one of the busiest airports in the world.

Montgomery Bart Station is a bit creepy with no power… #sf #poweroutage #bart *Image copyright @BWFeldman * @CBSSF @kron4news @sfchronicle

— Benjamin Feldman (@BWFeldman) April 21, 2017

It took me an hour and 20 mins to go one stop, give up, find my way out of this mob, then walk back home @mta

— Liz Baker (@lizabeth_baker) April 21, 2017

However, there were no riots and no injuries, this was possibly due to the fact that the power-cuts did not last for a highly extended period of time.

The black-outs lasted for the longest in San Francisco, the smallest of the three major cities involved.

SF #PowerOutage totally surreal

— Dylan Gale (@dylanmgale) April 21, 2017

2. Terrorism

It would be both foolish and dangerous to rule out terrorism. There is every possibility that foreign or domestic terrorists managed to either digitally hack-in or covertly penetrate crucial equipment that controls the electricity in three major US cities. There is also a real possibility that a combinational of digital and physical hacks were employed.

Perhaps the terrorists too were doing their own ‘drill’ to see how much chaos they could inflict with their devious tactics.

All businesses with the lights off. No traffic lights! #poweroutage #SF

— Beatriz (@beamoments) April 21, 2017

Because the events were almost certainly not a coincidence, it is essential that the possibility of terrorism should be investigated. If a terrorist agency is found responsible for this act, it would represent the most geographically widespread (though of course not the most deadly) terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11.

3. An Illogical Possibility

It is theoretically possible that three different cities, across two time-zones and states, whose power companies are unrelated, whose weather patterns are unrelated, whose ruling local governments are unrelated and whose systems of public transport are largely different, could all have experienced technical failures in their power production and/or distribution facilities on the same day, all in the morning hours.

The likelihood of this however, is incredibly slim. It was almost certainly related in one way or another, and because mutual technical failures would be coincidental, this only leaves the options of a malicious attack or a coordinated test/drill as the more statistically realistic possibilities.

Both the Federal Government and the mainstream media have behaved appallingly.

The US mainstream media have not questioned what lies behind this and are taking the non-explanations from local power companies and local authorities at face value. This is not journalism.

The Federal Government has remained largely silent on an issue that has crossed state borders. Unless it was a covert safety drill, the event represents a national embarrassment for the United States.

The idea that New York’s Subway System and Los Angeles International Airport do not have fully capable back-up generator systems is both appalling and disgraceful in the world’s wealthiest nation.

It vindicates much of what Donald Trump said during his campaign about America’s third-world style infrastructure,

"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come and that soon, and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." Gen. T.J. Jackson, March 1861

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