Mrs. Huskerpatriot got be of those little vacuume attachments and a huge bulk quantify the ziplock type heavy duty food-saver bags. They work really slick for breaking bulk quantities of foods up into smaller portions for freezing. Remove the air and you eliminate nearly all the frost and freezer burn. Also froze a boat load of winter squash purée and some of this that we added the brown sugar/spices for “pumpkin pie”… add evaporated milk and egg and you have a crazy easy and and amazingly good pie! If you don’t have be of these they are well worth it.

Speaking of winter squash, if you like the stuff and want to put away large quantities for use year round… I have to recommend a moschata type (butternut related) squash called “Palav Kadu”. It will s from Central Asia (Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) and tastes very much like butternut. They are HUGE! I grew ONE hill (3-4 plants) and ended up having 18 harvestable fruits, with 8 of these 12-15# each. 4 were 6-12#. Instead of having a narrower top 1/2 that is solid, the top 1/2 is the save size but SOLID flesh. I used off of this through the late fall and winter with them just sitting in the basement. I still have 2 left with only a little bit that went bad, so very good keepers.

If any gardening prepping patriots here would be interested in some seeds, drop me a PM with your address and I could send an envelope with some seeds.

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