Good Morning Patriots, we have a Job to do, we Must Save America from the Enemy.

We know the Enemy is Evil, and this Video will prove it.

I believe the Best Way to handle this is to give the Job to the Women, preferably the "Woman's Rights Activist" type of Woman.

If we try to Expose this they will call us Extremists, but if the Women do it, everyone will listen.

This Video Clearly shows the current Psy-Op POTUS Naked, while Whipping a Naked young girl who is restrained by her hands, and can not run away.

If enough Women start Screaming about this Video, the Enemy who is Intentionally Trying to Destroy America will be removed!

Lets get to Work, and share this Far and Wide!

BTW, you should be able to Right Click on this Video, and then Left Click, "save video as", and have it download to your video file, save it before it gets deleted...

Video Here: