The Whitmer Case & the FBI’s PATCON Legacy

April 11, 2022 — With the recent acquittal of two defendants in the USA vs. Fox, et al, aka the Michigan “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot” case, and a mistrial on the other two defendants it seems that the FBI has been rebuked for the tactics it used in the case. The defense raised entrapment as a defense, which is legally hard to prove and very rarely is successful. This represents a sea change in the way the American public views the actions of federal law enforcement in their use of infiltration and informants.

Many commentators discussing the case see this as a relatively recent phenomenon, but it is not. The FBI has been employing these tactics for decades. Most people are familiar at least on a surface level of the FBI COINTELPRO operation, which back in the day was aimed at the left. It was used to target groups like the Black Panthers and civil rights groups for example. Much has been made of Cointelpro but most people are completely unaware of the FBI’s PATCON aka “Patriot Conspiracy” operation that was basically Cointelpro aimed at the right.

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