I hold a high degree of respect for fellows of The Mises Institute but, I think he gets it very wrong on #6 - Diminishing 3rd party vote is NOT a result of love for a particular party - rather it is a symptom of revulsion! With enough numbers (*real* numbers, not USAToday push-polls) one could probably track diminishing 3rd party vote as a direct inverse to the level of fear or revulsion of the opposing party. To wit, I would have happily voted for "Other-Than-Trump", but it was more important to me to *prevent* a Hitlary presidency.

Republicans still think we vote *for* them, and Mr. Deist's statement #6 seems to support that belief. RNC behavior after the 2014 wins was another good example: they thought the majority of voters enjoyed and supported their campaign positions, message, and recent behavior. They're too narcicistic to ever comprehend that most of us were NOT voting for them, "The Closet Statists", but were really just voting to prevent a take-over by the full-on communists.

Yes, if I were starving, I would eat brussel sprouts... So that I never have to eat asparagus. Doesn't mean I like brussel sprouts - I like meat. That distinction is lost on party leadership. (probably on both sides)

Back on topic. I think too many people see splits or seccessions as permanent, adversarial actions. I fully support the idea of a population, in a geographicly defined area and holding opposing political views, seperating in support of their own pursuit of happiness. What's the problem? They don't like it - leave. We don't like it - we leave. Doesn't require any sort of hatred or warfare. Doesn't mean that we can't get along as neighbors - just have to be willing to let each other go. Doesn't mean we can't re-unite if the circumstances become suitable. It wouldn't mean we couldn't cooperate under the right conditions...
[yeah, I know, money-power-statism won't allow it but I think most humans could]

Just like a family. Two of us united, a third independant entity emerged and after a time as part of our Union, went it's own way. He can come back if he wants, with the understanding my house == my rules. Or he can live down the street and keep his own rules, and we can support each other to mutual benefit.

Edited to add: The only real threat I see in separation is the damage to some elitist's profit margins...

."Ain't found a way to kill me yet..."