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515 news outlets targeted for blacklist, including WND, Drudge

The Daily Signal, among others, is not taking this lying down.

...We’re sharing the story of a Border Patrol agent whose own dad came here illegally and yet still believes it’s important to keep the border secure. We’re reporting on abortion survivors, whose amazing tales belie the left’s lies that babies don’t need guaranteed medical treatment after they survive. We’re telling the incredible tale of a man who went from transgender to nonbinary to identifying as a man again—a story whose conclusion the mainstream media wouldn’t touch, despite covering his earlier transitions […] If you don’t like The Daily Signal because you don’t believe in free speech or you think conservatives should be silent or you just don’t want certain stories told or it makes you upset that we call unborn babies “babies” instead of “fetuses,” fine. It’s a free country. But to smear us as engaging in dishonest journalism is well … dishonest journalism....

Read the whole thing at the link. Personally, I don't think WND, Drudge, or any of the other 515 or so websites mentioned, have much to worry about.

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